Day 3: Labour Day

It’s a gray, dreary day today. Other than the occasional frosh cheer, followed by excessive trumpeting and whistle-blowing, the campus seems to be pretty quiet. I spent the morning doing laundry and lazing around the room. So far my greatest success of the day has been making toast without burning it! It’s still a little crispy, but hey, I think it deserves to be categorized under the Success column.

Being Labour Day, all the stores are closed, meaning there is nowhere to go! Kitty, Natalie, Lindsay and I are going to a movie tonight (Thank goodness the movie theatres are still open! What a hallelujah moment.) to break up the monotony, but otherwise, everyone seems to be sitting inside for the day. It’s not exactly inviting outside. The last I heard, it was 14 degrees and only expected to warm up to 19 today. It may be too soon to say, but I think it’s time to put away those shorts and tank tops and break out the scarves and mitts. That’s Ottawa for you.

Big disappointment of the day: the pool is closed for maintenance! Here I was looking forward to having the pool less than 10 minutes away from res and I can’t even put it to good use. I know it’s Labour Day, but you’d think they could throw me a bone and leave the pool open on the one day when there’s no place to go.

Big disappointment aside, there is a bit of good news. I just got assigned my first Charlatan story of second year! It’s not due until Sept. 13 and for that I am grateful. These comfy deadlines are not going to be so easy to come by when school starts. I think I’ll do a little research, but calls are going to have to wait until tomorrow when the world goes back to normal and people are actually at work.

As today is proving to be uneventful so far, I think I’ll leave it here for now. Enjoy your Labour Day doing whatever it is you do!


3 thoughts on “Day 3: Labour Day

  1. Wow… it’s so cold in Ottawa! I’m back on wordpress, to only read your entries though haha. My Labour Day consisted of me watching variety shows all day long in my pajamas xD I actually stayed inside for two days straight lol
    Have a good first day of school!

      1. hehehe I actually might be importing my lj entries onto wordpress since I have just caught some stupid pointless comments on livejournal and may be possibly locking my entries LOL

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