Day 10: My kind of Monday

Well I finally did it. I found a Monday that I actually liked! It was possibly the laziest day I’ve had since school started.

There’s something strange about sleeping in on a Monday morning, but that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t throw off the covers until 9 a.m. With two and half hours until my only class of the day started, I had – could it be? – free time! So in the spirit of taking full advantage of this wonderful gift of time, I decided to get a little wild and crazy.

I did laundry and caught up on my news podcasts. Look out!

My Chinese class went by pretty quickly. I expected three hours of one subject to drag by at a painful pace, but that wasn’t the case at all! Our teacher, Luo laoshi, likes to make up rhymes and songs to help us remember new phrases and rules. It’s a little childish, but hey, it works! From what I heard from Kitty, our class is pretty far behind her class. They’re already learning the names of family members and writing out their numbers! Meanwhile we learned about Confucius. Are we really taking the same course?

Side note: Oh lovely, my eye just suddenly decided to develop a twitch. Goody. I think it’s time to sleep soon. I’ll try to keep this snappy.

Today was filled with “finally” moments. I finally dropped by the CKCU office, Carleton’s radio station. There was only one guy there, so I introduced myself and said I was interested in helping out if they needed volunteers. I’m going to go back tomorrow after my class to get something of an intro to radio. This should be interesting. We’ll see how that pans out.

In a way, going into the CKCU office reminded me that almost exactly a year ago, I was doing the same thing – introducing myself as a volunteer – at the Charlatan. I was absolutely terrified (of what, I don’t really know). The whole ordeal was just nerve-wracking. I think I stuttered my way through that embarrassing introduction. This year was so much easier. Gone was the nervous wreck known as First Year Veronica. It was definitely a look-how-far-I’ve-come-moment. I guess it’s a good thing the learning curve is so steep here.

I spent almost the entire afternoon at the poster sale. There’s one every year. Hundreds upon hundreds of posters featuring everything from Lord of the Rings to Hello Kitty are carefully set up in Residence Commons (the main administrative building for residences). All day long, the place is swarming with students searching for that perfect poster to cover their bare walls. It was a tough decision, but I left with three new posters: the minions from Despicable Me, Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh from Gone with the Wind, and the lovable crew from The Big Bang Theory.

By the time I stuck them all up in their places of honour on my wall, it was already 6 p.m. Where does the time go? I heated up one of those Pillsbury pizzas for dinner, and subsequently had an awful time scraping it off the baking tray. I really should have invested in some tin foil. But all that can be overlooked because tonight was the first class of tap dancing!

The class was a lot bigger than last year. I had the added pride of being upgraded from newbie to well-seasoned veteran. Some people didn’t even have their shoes yet. I had a gay old time clicking and clacking with as much vigour as possible. I had such a good time that I didn’t even mind when all the Jiu Jitsu people shook their heads at me in disapproval (they’re still bitter that I left their course to tap dance. What can I say? I’d rather make noise with my feet than get covered in bruises).

But when tap was over, it was back to reality. I finally sat down and did my reading for tomorrow’s Politics class. That was some heavy material! There were words like “confluence” and “institutionalization” all jumbled up in some pretty complex theories. I ended up rereading some of those trickier passages seven or eight times! I hope this will all make sense tomorrow in class, because I’m really not a fan of those dirty, mean old textbook authors. As if the subject matter wasn’t tough enough, they had to use the longest words they could find! And that’s saying something for me – I really like long words!

I think it’s time for bed. That twitch in my eye doesn’t seem to be leaving me alone any time soon.


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