Day 14 (Sept. 17): TGIF!

At last, a Friday that actually feels like a Friday! It’s a b-e-a-utiful day today with bright sunny skies, so sunny in fact that I think I can overlook the chill factor. People were parading around campus in short,  refusing to accept the end of summer. I’m ashamed to say I bundled up in my coat. Hey! I don’t want to get sick!

I had my earliest class of the week today: 9 a.m. It was actually supposed to be 8:30 a.m. but our prof has a heart and understood how difficult it is to have a class that starts a good four hours before most students are fully awake. Plus, this journalism class features a lot of guest speakers and apparently it’s easier to get people to speak for two and a half hours instead of three hours. Whatever the reason, I was happy to have that extra half hour of sleep.

Our guest speaker today was David Naylor, a sportswriter from the Globe and Mail. I was a little worried the whole lecture was going to be heavily loaded with sports references that would go whooshing over my head. I’m not much of a sports fan. As bad as it may sound to those who are die-hard fans, I think sports news is the same every day: teams played sports.

But after today, I guess I owe all sportswriters out there an apology. It turns out people don’t need play-by-plays and sports scores anymore (well, not as much as before anyway). Everyone’s watching games live on TV or reading about it on the Internet. I was pretty impressed at the amount of information sportswriters need to know about business, the economy, and human interest issues. The sports section actually covers the whole business of sports from owners to fan bases, and all the while, emotions come into play quite a bit.

Even so, I don’t think I’m going to be avidly following the sports section anytime soon. Sorry Naylor. You were a good speaker, but you weren’t that good. Just settle for having carved out a new place of respect in my books.

After journalism, I had Chinese class. The highlight of the class was (at the risk of sounding shallow and petty), Ryan getting a good shut down from laoshi. We were learning how to count to 100 and of course Ryan, being Ryan, had to tell everyone that he knew how to count to 1000. He kept being obnoxious about it too, saying “It’s yi qian, right? Isn’t that right, laoshi? Isn’t it? Yi qian is a thousand, right?”

Well laoshi was trying to ignore him for a while (brave soul!), but after a good 30 seconds of this, she said, “Ryan, please! I know you know a lot, but you’re very disruptive to the rest of the class when everyone is trying to learn!” You go, laoshi!

That shut up Ryan for all of two minutes, but it was still a satisfying moment. We did more singing today, but we focused more on the pronunciations of the different initials, finals and tones. It was possibly the most technical of all the classes we’ve had so far. We also practiced a little bit of writing, which I was looking forward to.

By 1:25 p.m., I was finished all all my classes for the day . . . and for the week! I took advantage of not having any journalism assignment due this coming week and did absolutely nothing. I read a little news, rather leisurely.

High point: I got mail again! This time, it was from my friend, Emily, who’s studying in Toronto at Ryerson University. I spent the afternoon writing a really long letter back to her. Who says the art of letter-writing is truly lost? Give me your mailing address and let me change that for you! Trust me. Once you get real mail that doesn’t ask you to pay any bills or donate to any charities you’ve never heard of, or use coupons for things you never buy,  you’ll enjoy checking the mail.

I also dropped by one of news-stands on campus today and picked up a few copies of the latest Charlatan, my school’s independent paper. I wrote an article about Hurricane Earl and it was supposed to run in that issue. I’ve written for the paper a few times already, but the little whoopee moment when I see my name in print never gets old. I’ve copied and pasted the link to that article in my Published Articles page (check the tabs at the top of my blog).

That reminds me! I also updated some of my own information for this site. You can read all about the fabulous mind behind this blog in the Who am I? tab. There’s also a new tab where I posted my latest homework assignment, which is basically an unpublished news story. I tried sending it out, but no luck this time. Ah well it was a bit of a long shot anyway. It doesn’t hurt to try!

Well enough about administrative ho-hum. It’s not even 10:30 p.m. yet. The night is young and I’d like to put that on the record that I got my blogging done before midnight! I think I’m going to catch up on the news, maybe read a little for fun (it’s been so long since I’ve done that! My books are feeling neglected.) and get to bed. I need energy for tomorrow’s extra swim workout!


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