Day 21 (Sept. 24): Weekend already?

Note: I actually didn’t forget to blog. It’s 11:53 p.m. on Sept. 24 but WordPress seems to be down at the moment. I’ll be posting this sometime tomorrow.

Well what do you know? It’s already Friday! I’ve always thought university life has a time zone of its own. Each day seems to drag on with no end in sight, and yet the weeks go by like that! It’s very disconcerting. In a way, I’m glad it’s the weekend . . . and yet, it doesn’t really mean I’m going to be getting much of a break. In fact, ever since classes began on Sept. 4, I feel like I’m living a seven-day work week.

I kicked off the morning with a riveting lecture – my view of public life journalism class (yesterday’s was fundamentals of reporting). Two and a half hours of parliamentary reporting tactics – everything from getting a press pass to tackling other journalists in a post-question-period scrum.  I suppose it’s the subject (not the speaker) that made me wish I was still in bed.

In Chinese class, we had a guest speaker today to teach us about Chinese calligraphy. It could have been a pretty interesting topic. I think it’s pretty impressive that people can still read Chinese documents from 2000 years ago because the writing hasn’t changed since A.D. 7th century! But then he went on to tell us all about they used to have keyboards with over 500 keys in the 1970s just to type characters on the computer. Some may find that interesting. I did not.

What was interesting was we got a chance to write with the calligraphy brushes!  There wasn’t time for everyone to try, but I shot my hand up as soon as they asked for volunteers and now I have a lovely souvenir to hang up in my room as art. Well . . . I suppose I can hang up the example that one of the teachers wrote for me. I just wanted to try out my Chinese name, but my attempt at calligraphy looked like a kindergarten kid learning how to write.

Amusing note: The calligraphy teachers gave “Chinese names” to all the non-Chinese students. It was all based on matching pinyin with the sounds of their English names, but everyone was really excited about it.

In the end, everyone wanted to try writing with the brushes and they crowded the teachers. Luckily I didn’t have to battle it out with them. I grabbed my work of art and slipped quietly away.

I spent the afternoon at the South Keys Starbucks. I feel like I haven’t been off campus in forever! Plus I had a lot of reading to do! I read a total of 128 pages in three hours. I think I forgot how to walk for a while after that.

As my little reward, I spent the night watching movies with my friends (though I still had to leave some time to catch up on the news). It’s going to be another early Saturday morning tomorrow. I’m off to watch some polo. And yes, I am referring to the sport where people ride around on horses hitting balls with clubs. My profile subject is going to be setting up a booth there and I’m hoping to get an eye-opening, awe-inspiring, ground-breaking, jaw-dropping interview. It doesn’t start until noon and you know what time I have to be there? 10 a.m. That’s when she’s going to be setting up her booth and I don’t want to miss a thing! It’s a one-hour commute to the  Nepean National Equestrian Park. This should be interesting.


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