Day 23 (Sept. 26): Call me Judy

I believe I should count as proof that zombies do indeed walk the earth. I am so tired. The whole day has just been a rather unproductive day. Remember two weeks ago when I covered the Take the Plunge event and I finished my story in two days? Well not so this week! The only thing I did today was go through my 28 clips from yesterday and try to find themes to tie my article together. It’s been a nightmare. I now know everything there is to know about my profile subject, Judy.

I’ve been going over every little detail of her 62 years of entrepreneurial experiences and it’s been absolutely exhausting. I did manage to find a focus statement, which is supposed to be the train of thought tying the article together, but that alone took a few hours to come up with. Then I tried to sit down and actually write my story, only to find that there are no words in my head. I have severe writer’s block! Once again, I find myself wishing articles would just write themselves.

At this point, I’m really just hoping that this is the weariness talking. I’m going to make a few calls tomorrow, but knowing my luck, I’m really trying not to bank on their responses. Everything is still so uncertain. I need that Easy button from Staples.

This day has felt so long, and yet it feels like it’s gone by too quickly for me to really get anything done. What kind of crazy time zone in this?

I notice that today’s post is horribly disjointed. Let that be a tiny window into the madness swirling inside my head at the moment. I think you get the idea. I’ll spare you more confusion and just bow out early. Hopefully everything will look better tomorrow.

Side note: You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you start looking to Mondays for better prospects.


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