Day 28 (Oct. 1): The weekend in all its glory

As promised, I’m taking a break from homework to make up for yesterday’s brief post.

The agony of Friday classes:

1. Breakfast Bedlam

I was in  a rush to get up yesterday morning. The snooze button led me astray and I had about 20 minutes to get ready for class. I had no food on my side of the fridge and there is no way I’m going to start my day without breakfast. I tried to make a quick Tim Hortons run but the line was spilling out the door. So I had only one other option: the caf. I ran in there, grabbed a couple bananas and a muffin. I was trying to eat my muffin on my way out. I was about to miss my class in 10 minutes, but there was one thing standing in my way: the horrible cashier man!

He had a really thick Indian accent and he refused to let me out that door with my half-eaten muffin and bananas. Come on, man! You have to let these things go! It’s not as if I stole a tray full of muffins and a bucket of bananas to sell for major profits. He made me stand there and eat the muffin in front of him. Then he wouldn’t let me take the bananas! He sent me back into the caf and then disappeared into a back office. I waited until he was gone, then ran out of there with my two bananas and two chocolate croissants for Kitty. Take that! If you had just let me have my muffin and bananas, you could have kept your croissants.

I did manage to get to class on time.

2. Journalism: municipal ho hum

I know my journalism prof was nice enough to push our class back half an hour so we don’t have to be in class until 9 a.m. instead of 8:30 a.m., but let me be the first to say that doesn’t make Friday morning classes any easier. Our topic yesterday wasn’t particularly awe-inspiring either: Municipal Governance. If you’ll recall how much I enjoy reading the Ottawa Citizen everyday and hearing all about how the mayor tied his shoe or wiped his nose, you can imagine how much I loved that lecture.

Our speaker was another Carleton prof from a different program. She had a habit of starting off strong in her sentences and dying off by the end. So from what I heard, the whole lecture was made up of, “So the main idea here is … ” and “This makes it very important to notice … ” It was all very enlightening.

3. Chinese: songs of corporeal punishment

It was possibly my worst Chinese class ever. I think laoshi was a little frustrated that we were falling behind the other classes, so she was really impatient and couldn’t understand why we couldn’t read fluently the words we’d never seen before. The people in my class were getting frustrated, laoshi was flustered, and I just wanted the class to end. I guess laoshi tried to lighten the mood since it was Friday and made us listen to a song sung by high-pitched, squeaky children (personally, I think it was sung by fully grown adults putting on baby voices).

The lyrics were frightening! It was a kid singing about how he has a great Baba (father) who spanks him and swears at him, and that means love! My whole class just sat there at a loss for words. The jolly, whoop-dee-doo music just seemed a little off compared to the lyrics about slapping and verbal abuse. Apparently this is a song they still teach their children in China. Goodness.

The beauteous freedom that comes with the onset of the weekend

1. The great surrender: embracing groceries

With the whole afternoon ahead of me, I decided to admit defeat. I’ve been trying to get by at least until Thanksgiving without buying any groceries. I figured I could just get by with living off Tim Hortons and the caf, but I can’t go on anymore! It’s too horrible. I can’t drag myself out of bed day after day extra early to get breakfast. I had to go get groceries. So I set off with Natalie to South Keys and stocked up on breakfast food and just about everything that comes in a can.

2. Movie night: cheese and comedy

I decided I wanted to get off campus and watch a movie! So Kitty and I went out and watched “You Again.” Let’s just say it had Jamie Lee Curtis in it so it was one of those “Freaky Friday,” “She’s the Man,” “Mean Girls” type of movie. It had its comedic moments (thanks to the hilarious Betty White!), but it was extraordinarily cheesy! But as sappy as it was at times, I really needed that. Finally a break from journalism. Finally a Friday I don’t have to go to bed early to be up and at ’em at 7:45 a.m. so I could wander off into the rural wastelands of Ottawa.

3. “Who’s line is it anyway?”

When Kitty and I returned from the movie, we barged our way into Natalie’s room (she didn’t want to come out with us, claiming the “too much homework” excuse). We decided she needed to relax a little, however briefly on a Friday night. We ended up watching YouTube videos for about three hours. It was the first time I’ve ever seen “Who’s line is it anyway?” – a show based on improvised drama skits. It’s absolutely hilarious. We ended up laughing so loudly that our res fellow came and knocked on our door because she could hear us from the hallway. Whoops.

So that’s how I ended up going to bed at about 1 a.m. After all that, it’s time to get back to work.


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