Day 29: All play, no work

Try as I might, I couldn’t get any work done today! I think it’s just too close to Thanksgiving. I’m in a holiday mood already. I’m so ready to go home!

I went to breakfast with Natalie. We tried to drag out our time in the caf out for as long as possible. We both didn’t feel like going back to our rooms and buckling down for a hard day of work. But when 10 a.m. came and went, it was time to face reality.

I finished a few of my readings, working hard until 2 p.m. But that’s about all the studious diligence I got out of myself today. I went to the pool for a relaxing swim until about 3:15 p.m. Even before I could finish showering and all the cleaning up that comes with going swimming, Kitty and I had a visit from an old friend. Brock used to live on our floor last year and we hadn’t seen him all year.

We hung around the apartment catching up. Before we knew it, it was 6:30 p.m. We headed out to Bank St. about 10 minutes out from school to a little chocolate cafe called Truffle Treasures. It reminded me of Soma in the Distillery of downtown Toronto. Everything in there was chocolate! They had truffles, gelato, bars, and chocolate-covered just about everything (gummy bears, marshmallows, orange peels, every kind of nut you can imagine, caramels, and fruity mousses).

But the highlight of the evening was their hot chocolates! It’s made with real melted chocolate. They have Aztec (a mix of spices), Mocha, Orange, Peppermint, Caramel, Ginger, Pumpkin Spice, among many other flavours. I had the original Belgium hot chocolate with 50% dark chocolate. It was like drinking a hot cup of happiness … or liquid gold! It was something out of a Harry Potter Honeydukes store. After just one sip, you feel like everything wrong in life just suddenly sprouted wings and flew away to be replaced by buckets of sunshine. To put it simply, I loved it.

We headed back to res where we sat around listening to music until about 7:30 p.m. when Brock had to run out and catch his bus. I was just about to mosey on back to my room and get to work, when we got a visit from Natalie. Poor Nat had spent the entire day working on a paper and she didn’t feel like she would be finished before her deadline on Monday. She won’t even be able to make it to church with me tomorrow. We had some cheering up to do.

By the time we sent a slightly happier Nat back to her room, it was about 8:30 p.m. I decided to set more practical goals. I read the news and called it a night. I’m incredibly sleepy and I figure it’s better to sleep tonight and make up for lost time tomorrow. Oh if only Thanksgiving would come sooner.


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