Day 37: Good things coming to an end

Well I’m sad to say that day has come. It’s my last full day in Toronto. Tomorrow I’ll be hopping back onto that train and hurtling down the ugly track to reality. I only ever appreciate the five-hour ride on my way back to Ottawa. It’s a good buffer time to get me back into the mindset of work.

I woke up bright and early today, ready to be productive! Sleeping in is usually the first luxury I cut in my life. I know it’s all going to catch up with me when I hit 40. You can tell that to the prominent bags that have decided to camp out under my eyes. They’ve decided to embrace middle-age early.

My hard work paid off! I managed to finish all my readings not only for this week, but next week as well. I wanted to get as much out of the way as possible so I can focus on those two big journalism assignments and my two midterms. Mom and I went to church this morning. It’s always nice to go back to my own church, especially today when there was a huge celebration of its 25th anniversary. I also ran into some of my church friends. We only spent about 15 minutes catching up (making sure we hadn’t all dropped off the face of the earth since we last saw each other in April), before we had to part ways again. I guess we’ll meet again … at Christmas.

I spent the afternoon making cookie deliveries, running some errands, and meeting very briefly with my good friend Emily before buckling down for a hard afternoon of work. I’m proud to announce I’m in much better shape than I was yesterday. I don’t think I’ll ever be fully ready to head back to school, but at least I have a game plan now. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t spontaneously combust before Christmas.

Mom and I actually cooked tonight – a rare occurrence in our household (take-out is our friend). It’s my farewell dinner and Thanksgiving dinner all rolled into one. It sure beats cooking in res! And the best part? I get to take a whole bunch of leftovers back to school with me! That should tie me over for a few days before reverting back to living on Tim Hortons.

Now I think I’m going to take the night off (or what’s left of the night) to relax. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day of packing. Time flies by way too quickly for my liking when I’m at home (pesky old Einstein and his relativity!).


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