Day 39: Back to school

Hello from Ottawa! I’m back in our capital city, ready to dive back into the sea of school work after a much-needed break. I didn’t get a chance to update last night as I got back pretty late. My train didn’t get in until about 10:20 p.m. and by the time I lined up for a cab and arrived safe and sound in res, it was past 11 p.m. But I suppose even an uneventful day deserves a heading of its own.

Day 38: Chugging back to school

This is possibly the only day I spent doing absolutely nothing of academic value (while in Toronto anyway). I decided to enjoy my last day of rest and relaxation by doing what Mom and I do best – eating! I stocked up on Chinese food (before going back to living on Tim Hortons and Chef Boyardee). Congee and rice noodle rolls, I’m going to miss you!

After some intense packing, resulting in a big duffel bag stuffed to bursting (I could have fit in there comfortably! And yet, who knew I had so much to haul back to school?), it was time to hop on that train and face reality.

It’s amazing what five hours on a train can do to you. I was so ready to be productive and get some work done, but there’s something about that rhythmic swaying of the train and the dim lighting that just makes me want to go to sleep. When I returned to my dorm, there was the tiring task of unpacking! It was nearly 1 a.m. by the time I plopped into bed.

I’m definitely not in Toronto anymore!

Day 39

So in the spirit of chugging along full speed ahead, I kept myself extra busy today. I woke up bright and early to get as much research done for the public meeting this afternoon. For our next journalism assignment, we have to cover a public meeting. So at 2 p.m. today I bussed to City Hall and sat in on a Business Advisory Committee meeting. It was pretty dry material, but at least I got that out of the way.

The chair of the meeting was nice enough to answer some of my questions at the end of the two-hour meeting, but he answered them in much the same way I would explain to a kindergarten kid why red and yellow make orange. It was a little patronizing. I did my homework and by George I’m not going to be treated like an ignorant nobody! So while he was explaining to me who all the key players are in the committee, I piped in casually with a, “Oh yes, Bob Brocklebank is running for councillor in Capital Ward.” The chair did a double take and gaped openly for about half a second, but I caught it and it was very satisfying.

“Wow! You’ve been reading the news!” he said.

You bet your bottom dollar I read the news! So that was my little hoorah of the day.

Some un-hoorah-worthy moments:

  • Our TA never showed up in tutorial today so we all sat there for about an hour not discussing the article I had so diligently read over the weekend. I took the opportunity to do some background research for the public meeting.
  • We got our take-home midterm in politics class today to be completed by next Tuesday. More joy!

But in the end, my day ended on a happy note. I had swimming tonight. I missed last Thursday’s session to go home early for Thanksgiving. It’s good to be back.


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