Day 44: Still kickin’

I’m back! While I’m sure there has been a rumour in circulation about how I dropped off the face of the earth, I’m still here. I have bigger bags under my eyes, a dull constant headache, and the beginnings of arthritis from typing on my laptop for the past 72 hours. Other than that, it’s still the same old me!

Day 42: Apocalypse

All the deadlines just hit me like a ton of bricks on Friday night. Suddenly I realized just how much I had to do before the end of October. It was just a never-ending pile of assignments, midterms and readings. There was no way I could finish all that (short of outsourcing my homework to India).

I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. in a mad rush to keep from being buried alive under my schoolwork. It was the first time in my life that I stayed up that late for academic purposes and I can now say with complete conviction: I am not a fan.

Day 43: Welcome to hell

The entire weekend has been a long, sleepless trek through the depths of hell. I got a grand total of about four hours sleep on Friday night. My 2:30 a.m. bedtime was soon followed by a 7 a.m. morning call. I hit the books, and hit them hard. By the end of Saturday, my eyelids were only able to open at about 25 per cent. Zombies would have fled at my sight. It was awful. My poor laptop has been up and running for about 48 hours straight and I only ever got up from my desk for the occasional bathroom break.

My sweatshop conditions paid off.  By Saturday evening, I decided I deserved a break and had a sushi party with Kitty and Natalie. We had an enormous platter delivered to us and caught up on TV shows. It was short-lived (we were all back in our rooms hunched over our laptops by about 8 p.m.), but I really needed that. I’d forgotten what laughing felt like … or social interaction for that matter.

Day 44: The great return

With the exception of church, I was was again holed up in my room all day again. But today was significantly better than the past two days. And what was the key to this optimism? What was fueling this feeling of hope and joy bubbling from deep within me that made me feel like everything was going to be hunky-dory? That would be my new friend (and drug of choice): the triple-shot mocha from Starbucks.

For critics, let me be be the first to say I do find the idea of paying $5 for a drink is outrageous. But $5 for 12 hours of productivity and and overwhelming sense of success and competence? Why, I’d be happy to shell out another $25 for that! I’m not usually a coffee fiend. I have coffee days – the days when I feel like I’m going to fall asleep while still standing – but today I reached a whole new level of desperation. I soon realized after church that I was no longer able to carry out the most basic functions necessary for even feigned consciousness. Every time I blinked, there was a moment when I couldn’t tell if my eyelids were open or closed.

And yet, after a few sips of that magical nectar of life, I could feel my eyelids opening. I could see again! I had a spring in my step! My facial muscles remembered how to smile! I suddenly had the inexplicable urge to hire a full orchestra to follow me around for the day and play epic music everywhere I went. And best of all, I actually wanted to launch myself at my laptop (and not to huck it out the window as was the case for the past two days) to actually work. I had ideas! I had coherent thoughts!

Side Note: I have been so sleep-deprived for the past few days that in just a few more hours of this all-work-no-sleep regime, I would have probably slipped into a coma or landed myself in an asylum. Strange things happened these past few days. I found myself laughing hysterically about nothing at all (which effectively scared my friends away). I lost my balance while standing still. I would sing a song and then ask who was singing. Something had to give.

Now I’m still far from “on top of things,” but I think it’s okay to start sleeping again. If anyone still insists university is the best years of life, I’d be happy to meet them, shake their hand, and then gladly shove a pair of disposable chopsticks up their nostrils to scramble their brains!


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