Day 45: Quality time with my landline

Success began early for me today. I finished my first interview for that major journalism assignment due on Nov. 5! I have to write a 2000-word profile on the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association, meaning I get to talk to people who excitedly leap out of bed every morning to discuss freight and diesel indexes. I can hardly contain my excitement. Hoo. Rah.

It wasn’t the best interview I’ve ever had – considering I didn’t even know what a “logistics director” does until today (something told me I’d better find out soon because everyone I talked to had that same l-word in their title) – but it feels good to finally break the ice on this monster. Now I can officially say I’ve started my assignment and stop feeling like I’m impossibly behind everyone else.

Yays of the day:

  • I finally got my mom’s package in the mail today, even though my mail slip says it arrived on Friday! I am very disappointed in whoever’s in charge of putting mail slips in student mailboxes. I have urgent things in that package! The onset of cookie staleness waits for no one! When I mentioned this to the lady at the front desk, she said, “The slip says it arrived on Friday, so it must have been sitting in your mailbox for the past two days.” I strongly disagreed. I’ve been checking my mailbox ever since Thursday night about  three times a day, but if she says it’s been sitting there in my empty mailbox, then it must be true. Bite me.
  • The results of the journalism exam came out. We wrote it last Friday and I still had two questions left unanswered when the prof told us to stop writing (he didn’t even give us a five minute warning!), but I quickly scribbled down some point-form responses before he came around to collect them. I knew the answers! There’s no way I’m losing marks just because I wasted precious time flipping pages. But my hard work and intense studying (all during Thanksgiving, might I add) paid off: A+! I’m one of 12 people who got that mark in my class of 109 students. Sometimes the situation just calls for bragging.

Yays aside, I spent the entire afternoon on the phone for about an hour, dialing number after number trying to get into contact with some potential sources for that CITA profile. It was awful, tedious, time-consuming work. I was told to “Please hold,” and “Please record your message,” more times than I ever cared to hear. There was very little to show for my work – believe it or not, people don’t sit at their desks all day waiting for journalism students to call.

The most interesting call of the day was when I found out a public affairs director who answered my call used to be a journalism student too! His wife is an award-winning journalist, and has been for the past 20 years. It’s crazy! He was the most reasonable person I talked to all day. Where most secretaries and media coordinators just connected me to other staff members, this guy gave me a number and told me to call it tomorrow. He said the contact is not going to want to speak to me (what every desperate journalism student wants to hear of course), but I would have a better chance if he sent the contact an email first. See? That’s good thinking.

Side note: This former journalism student told me he went into public affairs because he needed a job that actually paid. It’s nice to know I have such good prospects lined up for me after graduation. I guess I’d better start picking out cardboard boxes for my future residence on the sidewalks of Bloor St. in downtown Toronto.

Every day feels incredibly long, and yet I always find myself trying to catch up. My sense of time is oddly distorted during the school year. The weeks fly by and yet the days never end. I want Christmas to come, and yet I don’t want November. Now would be a good time to start patenting that time machine.


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