Day 49: A real Friday

Thank goodness for a Friday that actually feels like a Friday! I still had two classes to go to today, and I had to make a few calls (making dozens of phone calls has  just because part of my life now), but after that it was “Hello weekend!”

I went to the South Keys plaza and sat in Starbucks, trying to get all my readings done and out of the way. I almost succeeded. I just have two more articles to read, but that can wait until tomorrow (or later today I suppose since it’s already 12:27 a.m.). It was nice not having that panicky feeling I always get nowadays whenever I’m sitting and enjoying myself. Journalism turns me into such a nervous wreck. If I’m not doing something productive with tangible results for the sake of journalism, I start getting nervous and antsy. It’s going to be an identifiable disease soon – mark my words! Juts like war vets had post-traumatic stress disorder, we’re going to have post-journalism aberrant meltdown syndrome (PJAMS for short, which is fitting because I think we’ll be wearing those striped pajamas when we’re admitted into asylums after graduating from j-school).

Just like that it was 7 p.m. I dropped by Loblaws on my way back from South Keys. My food supplies were running low, and I really want to avoid another shocker like this morning. I was popping my toast out of the toaster oven and just about to smother it in butter and jam when I look down and see this glaring off-colour spot of bluish grey staring at me from the middle of my toast! I toasted a slice of mold! Well I’m glad I caught it before I covered it in jam I suppose. But there went my breakfast – an excellent sign that I need more groceries … and soon.

After all that productivity at Starbucks and Loblaws, I decided to pop by Natalie and Lindsay’s room (they live down the hall from me and Kitty). We ended up staying there for over two hours. Everyone was just so brain dead from all the midterms and projects. We spent the entire time talking and laughing over things that we can’t remember. I think at one point we were pondering the idea of Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity under a durian tree. It was completely absurd, incoherent, unproductive, and a complete waste of time. But thank goodness for friends because I really needed that. I’d forgotten what it feels like to laugh until my face hurts.

That crazy Friday night was short-lived. (Look out, world. Wild and crazy university kids with their ridiculous antics coming through.) I definitely heard some whooping and yeehaw-ing outside our window so it sounds like someone‘s having a good time. But for the most part, it’s been noticeably quieter on campus these past few weeks. They really know how to suck the life and energy right out of you during midterm season. It was time to return to reality … at 10:30 p.m. (I told you we were wild and crazy.)


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