Day 52: E-Day

It’s election day! For the first time since I turned 18, we’re finally having an election where I can participate! It turns out we’re allowed to vote here in Ottawa if we live on res. There’s a voting booth just for students so it was pretty convenient. None of my friends voted. I was about to pass on it as well, but then I decided this was  momentous occasion and I should be a responsible citizen.

The whole experience wasn’t as epic as I had imagined. You’d think if we were holding our city’s fate in our hands, people would make a bigger hullabaloo about it. But nope. Someone just handed me a bunch of forms and herded me out of the way. I guess it’s good they have a system to make things go more smoothly. There was dramatic music playing in my head just for this milestone.

On some level, I wish I could have voted back home in Toronto instead. It seems more fitting that my first ballot to be casted as a fully legal voting citizen should be at home. Then again, it’s slim pickings in Canada’s biggest city. And now it’s all over the news that Rob Ford is officially Toronto’s new mayor. I have to be honest and say it’s near impossible to get a concrete idea of political platforms. For example, all I know about Rob Ford is that he was once busted for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence. What does that tell you about the coverage of mayoral campaigns? I suppose the only other thing we do know for sure is we can say goodbye to the “gravy train,” whatever that is. (Suddenly I really want to eat a big turkey dinner, or a poutine. Mm … gravy.)

Aside from the grandiose event of election day, today was pretty quiet. I picked up a reference letter from last year’s editor of the Charlatan’s national section, and I got this year’s editor to agree to be one of my references as well. Someone please explain to me why summer internships require applications to be in by November. I suppose they want to give us something to fill up all this free time I have in the last four months of the year. What a relief! And here I was afraid I was going to have to sit at my desk and twiddle my thumbs until Christmas.

Hooray of the day: I got two interviews done this morning for that CITA profile. I think I’m really starting to get a clearer picture of this company. Now the only thing left to do is actually write it. I always think researching is the worst part (when I’m in the researching phase), and then I’m certain the interviewing part is the worst (when I’m tearing my hair out trying to get people to answer my questions), but now that I’m nearing the writing phase, I think this writing business is really what’s going to send me to an early grave. Two thousand words. It really isn’t that much, but right now it’s my Goliath. I know it will be better once I start hammering out a few paragraphs but I don’t feel like getting around to that today.

On the plus side, my mom is coming to visit me this Saturday! It’s very exciting. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to actually spend time together, but it’s a lot better than waiting until Dec. 16 (which is when I’ll be coming home!). It all seems so far away, and yet the deadlines are coming up much too quickly for my liking. School schedules just run on a completely different time dimension.

I think I’m going to turn in early today. I feel like I should be tackling more schoolwork, lightening the load for tomorrow, but I can’t. I’m completely wiped. Hello bed.

Quick sidenote: It’s election day here in Ottawa and the top story on the Ottawa Citizen is about Quidditch games at Carleton? I may not be in a position to judge, but what kind of news value is that? I would think they’d be drumming up interest in the election results – talking to political analysts, interviewing candidates to get their last impressions before the results come out, that sort of thing. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but it’s kind of like saying, “How are you?” when you pass someone you know on the street. No one really cares about the result, but it’s the idea of it that counts.


3 thoughts on “Day 52: E-Day

  1. I’m so proud of you, Ve! Voting!! You are all grown up!
    I feel so out of Canadian politics after spending some time here on the other side of the border.

    Btw, I’m totally going to comment on all your future entries, just letting you know : ) They might be the most random comments though, so don’t judge!

  2. Why thank you! I’ll get you caught up on your Canadian politics:
    – Calgary now considers Toronto to be a city of rednecks (how embarrassing) since Rob Ford became the new mayor.
    – Calgary on the other hand just elected their first Muslim mayor, Naheed Nenshi (hence the redneck jab)
    – the rest of Ontario has shifted left (leaving Toronto even more prominently right-wing conservative, perfect for showing off their new mayor)
    – the PM is in Ukraine preaching human rights and befriending La Francophonie
    – something unpolitical but I thought was worth knowing: stay away from Manitoba. It’s got the highest murder rates in all of Canada, and Winnipeg has a random shooter on the loose.

    And there you have it. The Coles Notes of Canadian politics. Never a dull moment.

    Don’t you worry. I’ll be looking forward to those random comments! Wow me.

  3. Ooh… sounds pretty interesting! I know nothing about Rob Ford, want to enlighten me more about why people hate him so much.
    That’s pretty awesome for Calgary! No wonder they think Toronto is a city of rednecks. I thought Toronto was pretty liberal…
    I don’t plan to go to Winnipeg any time or at all.

    I like these coles notes!! Better than ones for Shakespeare!

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