Day 53: Glum

I’ve been hearing a lot about a “weatherbomb” coming our way all the way from Texas. There’s supposed to be high winds and tornadoes hitting southern Ontario (in the Windsor area), but from the looks of today, it doesn’t look that way at all. It was 20 degrees today! People were out and about in shorts and tank tops. Flip flops made an appearance again … hard to believe it’s snowing in the Prairies.

But even with all the high temperatures, my day was more closely related to the dark clouds that clogged up the sky all day. I almost fell asleep in lecture today, which rarely happens for me. (I usually just zone out when the prof is boring. It’s less obvious than falling asleep and running the risk of having your head drop back, mouth hanging open and drool dripping.) Our prof is just getting increasingly pompous and it’s just tiring to listen to him talk and make bad jokes.

I did get a start on that big profile assignment today … until I decided to go in an entirely different direction at about 10 p.m. I suppose I can still salvage some of my old stuff, but I really felt like I needed a change of direction. On the plus side, I did manage to apply what I learned from journalism (They can just slap me on the cover of a Carleton University pamphlet now with a big cheesy grin and a speech bubble that says, “Golly gee! My studies apply to real life!”) and consulted the Hansard publications available online. Hansard is the official record of everything that goes on in the House of Commons – who says what and when. It’s no John Grisham novel, but I must say it’s extremely handy if you have a bill to look up.

I’m hoping tomorrow (or I suppose later today, now that it’s 12:04 a.m.) will be better, but unless Santa Clause decides to make an early visit, I think we can expect more of the same old same old – slaving away at ye olde laptop.

Afterthought: I walked by a dorm room with their curtains open today and saw a whole bunch of decorations hanging from the ceiling. There were two or three big balls of white flowers decorated with some lights – not exactly my taste, but understandable for some. And then I saw something that made my day. In amongst the flower balls was a big white toaster. I kid you not. An entire toaster was just hanging from the ceiling by its electric cord. Why? I don’t know. I don’t question these things. There comes a time when you’ve been on res long enough to just enjoy these moments and move on.


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