Day 54: Weekend mode already

It was a beautiful sunny day today, the kind of day that makes me wish I didn’t bring all my summer clothes home over Thanksgiving. And how did I spend this lovely day? Indoors at my laptop, along with about 85 per cent of the population. There were more people out and about, but everyone seemed to be on a mission. No more standing around outside just for the heck of standing around. (Although, there has been some undue whooping and cheering and spontaneous outbursts of the “Ole” song. Now they’re breaking into a very off-tune chorus of “Happy birthday.” Now I remember why I don’t keep my window open.)

A real reason for whooping and cheering: I got mail today! I’m really liking these cookie care packages my mom keeps sending me. This time I got chocolate chunk cookies with cocoa Rice Krispies – a special request. They’re great! A little more crumbly than usual, so I ended up making a huge mess, but it just forces me to start vacuuming more often. Everybody wins.

There were about 12 cookies in that package. I now have about two left. Hey, don’t judge me. I shared! My friends are huge fans of the cookie care package. Maybe I need to start charging for these.

I finally got a good chunk of that CITA profile done. I’m proud to announce I’ve reached and passed the halfway point, though it’s still very rough and I have a lot of information I still haven’t addressed yet, but that’s why we have tomorrows.

In the middle of my productive stretch (and several cookie breaks later), I decided I couldn’t sit still any longer and instead dropped by Natalie and Lindsay’s room where they were coincidentally not in the working mood either. I only meant to stay for about five minutes and drop off some cookies, but we ended up laughing hysterically for about an hour over a giant poster in Nat’s room depicting a world map. So this is what insanity feels like. Thousands of dollars spent on tuition fees and we get a bigger kick out of the size of Brazil.

In light of recognizing the simpler joys of life, here are some of the great geographical discoveries we made whilst waving goodbye to coherent thoughts and university-level intelligence this afternoon:

  1. People need to come up with more creative names for their capitals. Brasilia? Quebec City? Mexico City? Let’s get that imaginative juices flowing!
  2. Did you ever notice that little strip of Alaska that’s slowly snaking its way down the coast of B.C.? I didn’t until today! I feel so violated.
  3. Brazil is huge, Russia is a monster, and China isn’t as big as I thought. Funny how that worked out.
  4. I feel stupid even mentioning this, but in my defence I wasn’t the one who made this startling discovery. Indonesia is a country. It’s not a group of island countries like “the Caribbean.” There is no “Indonesia.” There is only Indonesia (without the quotation marks). Thailand and Malaysia are Thailand and Malaysia, not “Indonesia.” Jakarta is not a country. Bali is not a country.
  5. The reason no one knows about the Sea of Okhotsk is because we all see Russia and back off.
  6. The reason the highest point of Canada is called Alert is because when you’ve reached it, you’ve gone too far and it’s time to turn around and head south again before your fingers, toes and nose fall off.
  7. The US has too many states. They should just split it down the middle and name one half United and the other half States. Together they can be America, thus eliminating the whole Washington vs. Washington D.C. absurdity.
  8. What ever happened to Easter Island? It’s not even a dot! It’s just a label. I understand maps need to be “to scale,” but how would you feel if your island wasn’t even a dot on a map? Those poor Easter Island heads have enough to worry about.
  9. There are too many countries ending in “stan” all crammed together in the Middle East.
  10. There’s a city in Alaska called Hoonah, not Hoorah, though I don’t think that’s much of an improvement. I’m still not happy that they’re creeping down B.C. What was wrong with a plain, simple straight line extending off the boundary that separates the provinces from the territories?

Class dismissed.


2 thoughts on “Day 54: Weekend mode already

  1. HAHA! Only 50 states! I may be able to list all of them out and I actually know what the largest states and cities are by population. I liked the fact about Alert! You didn’t know Indonesia was a country?! It’s actually the fourth largest country in the world by population, with around 250 million (I learned that in Intro to Fashion marketing, don’t ask.) I noticed that little strip of Alaska sneaking towards B.C. as well a few weeks back, also in that marketing class, thanks to the map of US we were given.

    Good luck with all your papers and exams!

  2. I would like to point out that I DO know Indonesia’s a country, thankyouverymuch. It came as a bit of a shock for one of my friends though, haha.
    Wow, you’ve really got your US geography up to snuff. How lovely for you. The rest of us will just have to stick with New York, cow town, cow town, cow town, Texas, Mexico.

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