Day 56: Book sale = best day ever!

There’s some sort of unwritten law that makes all Friday classes mind-numbing. I had my morning journalism class at 9 a.m. – not a particularly good time to start wrapping my brain around the Canadian judicial system. I have to say though, this law stuff is a lot more interesting than I thought. I don’t know whether that’s what I actually think, or if it’s just self-fulfilling prophecy after hearing so many people tell me I should consider being a lawyer. Well whatever the reason, I now understand all those court articles in the Globe and Mail a lot better after scratching the surface on our court system.

Two good things happened in journalism:

  1. We got a one-week extension on that profile assignment. I’d already heard rumours that the prof does this every year, but at the same time I wasn’t going to bank on hear-say. I’m about 400 words away from the word limit on my first draft (albeit a very rough first draft), so my sigh of relief wasn’t as loud as some of the other people in my class, but it’s still good to know. (Some people were so relieved, I thought they were going to burst into tears and just weep out of sheer joy.)
  2. Class ended about 30 minutes early. I guess there’s only so much to be said about law.

I had a Chinese test and tried to pay attention to where adverbs go in Mandarin sentences, but I think everyone was just itching to get on with their weekend. When class finally ended, I walked out into the University Centre atrium and feasted my eyes on the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. There was an enormous used book sale! I didn’t even know about it until today when I walked right into it. There were about 50 tables all spilling over with piles and piles of books. There were little signs popping out from each table: History, Geology, Religion, Cooking, Humour, Literary Criticism, and just about every other topic in between. There was an entire table dedicated to the Soviet Union! It was glorious.

I was in amongst the fiction paperbacks within 30 seconds, picking through the rows upon rows of books. The prices were jaw-dropping! Fifty cents for all fiction! Hardcover and paperbacks! It’s a thing of beauty. I didn’t have money on me, so I hid my armful of books behind some boring-looking books, hurried back to res, and returned with the pretty pretty money. I ended up with five great finds for the low, low price of $2.50. I spend more on a cup of coffee at Starbucks! The sale doesn’t end until Nov. 1. I’m definitely going back!

So that was the highlight of my day. That and Kitty making chocolate cupcakes. She’s going to a Halloween party with her jitsu class tonight and she decided to make cupcakes with maimed gummy bears rising out of cookies-and-cream-Hershey-bar tombstones. There was plenty of red food colouring for the undead gummy bear blood. I, on the other hand, will save my partying for tomorrow when my mom’s coming to visit and I get to show her around Ottawa! Best weekend ever!


2 thoughts on “Day 56: Book sale = best day ever!

  1. Don’t get too crazy, Veronica, this weekend. I don’t want to see any of your drunken photos on facebook. Actually I think I do because those would make your wedding slideshow a lot more epic hehehe

  2. Ah, the dreaded wedding slideshow. And who says YOU’re going to be in charge of that? Any drunken photos are going safely into a vault, far away from the prying eyes of Facebook and (more importantly) YOU, Rach.

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