Day 59: RIP Twitter birds

It’s time to smush my nose back into ye olde grindstone! Mondays are delightful.

I woke up bright and early to get my laundry done, which also gave me a few extra hours to get a jump start on my many assignments. It just never ends, does it? How did I go to bed with only one assignment on my plate and wake up with four?

Here’s the fresh slice of hell I have to work on this week:

  1. Sidebar article for my reporting class
  2. Organization profile for my institutions class (I’ve given up calling them my journalism classes. It gets too confusing with two of them.)
  3. 2000-word politics essay
  4. 1200-word feature for my reporting class

And of course there’s the usual news to keep up with. On the plus side, we only have one news quiz this semester and it’s this Thursday. I really wish our professor told us this earlier so I wouldn’t have had to keep reading the news religiously for the past eight weeks. (He told us in September that we would be having “pop news quizzes.” Methinks I’ve been taken for a fool. Well I suppose reading more news doesn’t hurt.

The sad discovery of the day: Kitty’s and my Twitter birds have been bird-napped!

Each floor in residence has a theme (e.g. underwater, Hollywood, Alice in Wonderland – I’m so jealous of this one, wild west, etc.). Ours happens to be Twitter so everyone’s door has their names written on pink Twitter birds for the girls and blue ones for the boys. For the past few weeks, some mysterious person has been writing on our birds some rather … R-rated messages.

Let’s just say Kitty and I both had a phone number scrawled onto our birds, implying we are “maidens of the night.” It’s all good fun I suppose. There are messages of a similar nature on some of the other doors too. We still don’t know who this person is, but they’re trying to frame our neighbours who swear they had nothing to do with it.

Today when I got back from class, I came back to res only to find our door is now blank! Our Twitter birds are no more! Who would do that? Why would you steal someone’s name signs? It’s so nice to see that people have lives.

Aside from that, things have been pretty quiet. I think everyone is still suffering the backlash of intense Halloween partying. The whole campus is giving off a generally subdued vibe today. I wonder how long that’s going to last.

Well uncharacteristically, the night is still young! Perhaps I’ll have time to squeeze in a few more minutes of work before bed. I know. My night life is the stuff of legends.


3 thoughts on “Day 59: RIP Twitter birds

  1. Aww will they fly back? That really sucks! My name sign is of the New York skyline since the theme for our side is Sex and the City. Check every floor and every door, someone might have stuck it somewhere else. Or someone has a name fetish. Can’t count that one out with all the crazies out there, especially on Halloween.

  2. I feel like my Twitter bird is long gone by now, off in the direction of the paper shredder (those darn Halloween crazies!). Perhaps it will show up some day, but for now I think it’s time to accept it and start grieving. Now the question is: what shall my new sign look like?

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