Day 61: Bright sunshiney day

Today was definitely one of those rare days when everything is just so wonderful it makes everyone else jealous. I should have had a 47-piece orchestra following me around to play  jolly background music all day. Muppets should have popped out of nowhere cheered me on. Gene Kelly should have followed me around on a jetpack and tap danced across the rooftops. Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp kids would be singing sweet songs from the mountainside (complete with the whole nunnery of course). It was that great.

And yet, when I look back on it, there wasn’t really one spectacular thing that made my day – for lack of a better word – awesome. I think it was just a bunch of little things all put together and it made me step back and say, “Hey, it has been some time since I got through a day without wanting to pluck my eyes from their sockets just so I would have something else to focus on instead of school work.”

Joyous Event #1: I found a competent PR person and (here’s the real kicker) she works with the government. Well now I’ve see everything. I decided that was enough progress to allow me to stop thinking about my reporting class sidebar assignment for today. I also had another tiring interview with an old man who seems tired of living, but I overlooked that. It takes time to get over the shock of finding an honest-to-goodness, real live helpful government employee.

Joyous Event #2: After my 8:30 a.m. interview, I flung open the curtains and realized the sun had decided to grace Ottawa with its presence for the first time in about a month. I was starting to think I’d never see my shadow again. The whole day was a balmy -3 degrees and everyone was out in shorts and sweaters.

Joyous Event #3: I had Chinese class, which usually puts me in a good mood. It’s the only class that doesn’t stress me out. There are no piles of homework, only slightly slow people. And lucky for those people, I just happened to be in a rare tolerating mood today. We learned about the zodiac. It turns out I’m a Metal Horse with hints of Dog. From what I gathered from a very abbreviated lesson on Chinese horoscopes, it means I’m strong but rigid and have good lungs. Nice to know I’d make a good lifesaving raft.

Joyous Event #4: Because of Joyous Event #2, I was in much too good of a mood to sit in my room and work the afternoon away so I decided to be crazy and throw caution to the wind. I hopped on a bus and went to the mall. It was madness. Sheer madness. What will I do next? Today was definitely the day for rare moods. I was stress-free, tolerating and in a shopping mood, which comes about … two or three times a year? I bought one pair of jeans for less than $20 and fulfilled my clothes-shopping quota. I think I’ll be good for another few months.

Joyous Event #5: I had the best dinner ever! Beef brisket. Mm. I still haven’t run out of my mom’s cooking yet so I’m actually eating really well these few days – a very nice change from cafeteria food, Tim Hortons, and the various food products that come in cans (amazing what we can do with technology these days).

Joyous Event #6: After dinner, I finally sat down and edited my horrendous first draft of my profile on the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association for my institutions class. It was tough. It was ugly. I ctrl+x’d and ctrl+p’d so much, Dr. Frankenstein would have been proud. By by the end, I think I’m looking considerably more favourably on my brain child. I daresay I’m not bored to death reading about shippers and their freight!

And so concludes the many little things that made my day awesome. Here’s one last highlight before I go: I ate the biggest apple of my life today. It was about the size of a baby’s head. Take a moment and actually picture that. Picture someone trying to eat that in one sitting. You would be picturing me. Not an easy feat. Not easy at all, but oddly satisfying.

I don’t really know what I’m looking forward to (it seems too far away to be looking forward to Christmas), but I feel like I’m looking forward to something. Let’s just call it the Promise of Tomorrow. Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be just like, if not better than, today.


5 thoughts on “Day 61: Bright sunshiney day

  1. It’s good to know that not everyone is having a crappy week because so many people I know are! I swear there’s something wrong with this week… But it’s good that things went your way today!
    Wow is it cold in Ottawa! It’s like 10 degrees here and I’m already bringing out the wool coats!

    1. Wow, wool coats already? It’s been below zero for quite a while now and I think some people have yet to bring out their winter gear, haha. Although, to be fair, I did see quite a few pairs of those red Olympic mittens again. I daresay I whipped out my own pair a couple days ago.

    1. Ooh! What was the occasion? I love how there’s always time for Gene Kelly even if there’s no time for anything else. Forget eating or sleeping. Bring on the tap shoes!
      I miss that movie.

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