Day 64: Comfortably busy

Believe it or not, today’s title is not an oxymoron. I realized I plowed through most of my To Do list today. This morning, I was up at 8:30 a.m. to go to the Green Home and Lifestyle Showcase. It took me almost half an hour to get there by bus, and at one point I had to walk behind the sketchy dumpsters of the General Hospital to catch my transfer, but get there I did. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. There were about 30-something little booths set up. It reminded me of the trade show we had to put on in Gr. 9 business class.

I was a little disappointed with the turnout. I was on the hunt for successful small green businesses (my feature topic for my reporting class). Everything was green alright, but not all were small businesses. In retrospect, I guess there was nothing on the pamphlet promising all the exhibitors would be small businesses, but it was kind of implied seeing as it was organized by the Small Business Association. I had to wade through a lot of charity foundations and government branches to get to the good stuff. In the end I did manage to make some good contacts.

The best company of the day, in my humble opinion, was something called Steward Bags (you can learn more at It’s basically a company that made a green alternative to those thin, clear plastic bags for produce at the supermarket. The alternative is a mesh bag made from organic cotton. The key word here is mesh. Cashiers need to see what produce you put in the bag. These steward bags are washable and, when you’re sick of them, are completely decomposable so you can throw it in your green bin. I think it’s an awesome idea, and so does Farm Boy (a big produce company that just signed a contract with the company). These people are definitely going into my feature.

There was an eco fashion show at the showcase too. It was … interesting. All the clothing was either made from reused old clothing or organic materials. Let’s just say those designs were definitely out there. I saw quite a lot of fringe, burlap, a jacket with a tall pointy hood that could land a plane, and pants with really wide legs so it kind of looks like a floor-length Elizabethan dress from far away. I applaud the effort.

After about an hour and a half, I decided I’d seen enough. I headed back to res, feeling rather productive. It was only noon! (Kitty had just woken up.) I spent the afternoon in the Starbucks at South Keys. I’m so glad the Christmas drinks are back at Starbucks. I’ve missed my Peppermint Mocha. I know you can add the peppermint flavour shots to mochas all year, but it’s not the same. Besides, it’s those little chocolate flakes on top that make all the difference.

I managed to finish all my readings for the week, and I spent the evening editing my CITA profile. I think it may be safe to say I’m … done! It’s a good feeling. I’m really glad I got a head start on some of these projects. It was absolute hell a couple weeks ago when I was actually working on this head start, but it’s a great feeling to reap those rewards now.

For once, I don’t feel like I’m rushing to get everything done. I can finally just work on my assignments without that panicky feeling. This is school as it should be!

There’s been talk recently of a strike here at Carleton. Apparently all the school’s staff (including profs, TAs and custodians) can go on strike as early as Nov. 16. Carleton’s never had a strike before and I don’t really know enough about the issues to make an educated forecast, but I wish they’d hurry up and make up their minds. Chances are if there’s a strike, it may just last until the end of the term since we’d already be into mid-November. If that’s the case, I can stop working on assignments!

On a different note, I’m proud to say I finished blogging before midnight. The cherry on top of this accomplishment: daylight savings tonight! I can’t wait to get an extra hour of sleep. It’s going to be great (and very much needed)!


2 thoughts on “Day 64: Comfortably busy

  1. Wow!! What a day!
    Western just had a strike talk too, but no strike happened. Hope Carlton won’t go on strike, no extended semester.
    BTW when do you get back for christmas?

  2. I think the latest updates point to no strike for Carleton, but negotiations are still going on. Guess I’ll have to keep working on those big fat assignments after all!
    I should be back by the 17th for sure, aiming for the 16th. How about you?

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