Day 69: Rising and shining

Before I get into my daily blog, I think I owe it to our veterans to acknowledge that today is Remembrance Day. I hope you all had a moment of silence. This is the first Remembrance Day in Canada without any WWI vets left. It’s also the first time Stephen Harper wasn’t in the country. (He’s in Seoul, South Korea for the G20 meetings.) I wanted to go to the memorial downtown (I figure it’s a pretty big deal in Ottawa, being the capital), but I have a class at 11:30 a.m. so it was cutting it too close, and who knows how bad traffic would be if everyone is heading out to the War Memorial for the service.

I ended up going to the memorial on campus. It was really cold, but sunny. There were a few men in uniform who came out, and we had a representative of the Aboriginal Peoples singing an honour song with a drum, and I think a preschool nearby was on a field trip to watch the ceremony too. I was surprised at the turnout. There were actually a lot more people than I expected. It good to know people still appreciate sacrifices that were made decades ago. Now the question is, where do all the poppies go? I should have pinned it on the wreaths. Ah well, shoulda, woulda, coulda … but I didn’t.

It was a radio day today. I was up and at ’em by 6:30 a.m. and out the door by 6:45 a.m. The show today was a little bit of a nightmare. I showed up about 10 minutes to 7 a.m. and no one was there. I figured they were on their way. Five minutes went by. No one. The show before us started to wrap up. Still no one. The tie-over song started to play. Still no one.

Thank goodness for one kind-hearted man from the 6 a.m. show. He was just about to leave and he saw me hovering in the corner, peering out the door (to see if anyone was coming) and he said, “You can handle the show from here?”

I just stared at him with giant deer-in-the-headlights eyes. “Not even a little bit,” I said.

He agreed to fiddle around with the BBC news clips we’re supposed to play at the beginning of the show. It wasn’t working. There was about a full minute and a half of dead air. It was awful. It was 7:03 a.m. before one the hosts walked in, with nary an apology might I add.

She just sat down. The lifesaver man told her the BBC wasn’t working and that she’d better go on the air and just talk while he tried to fix it. She nods and starts to settle into her seat, taking off her coat and scarf. Suddenly she turns the computer monitor to me and says, “Pick a song on YouTube and we’ll play it.”

I blanked. In that moment I couldn’t remember a single song I’d ever heard in my life. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Finally I get a burst of inspiration … well, if you consider Billy Joel and inspiration. I can’t believe “Piano Man” was the only song that came to mind. In case you don’t know the song, it’s … well let’s just say there’s a harmonica in it and the first hit that showed up on YouTube happened to have a voice over introduction and lasted over six minutes. Nightmare, party of one.

BREAKING NEWS: I just have to interrupt my blog to say this: it sounds like girl in stilettos or a man with two peg legs is pacing back and forth in the apartment above me. For the past 20 minutes it’s just been an incessant click click click click click click click click followed by knock knock knock. And then the clicking starts all over again. Why on earth would anyone have to walk back and forth for over 20 minutes at 11 p.m.? The worst part is I can’t even annoy them back if I wanted to. I mean if I started tap dancing on my kitchen floor, it would only irritate the people below me. Maybe I should get a broom and bang on the ceiling (but that can be a dangerous activity resulting in serious injuries and even death. Exhibit A? Mr. Heckles from Friends)

Like I was saying, the radio nightmare was only just beginning. I was all set to do the introduction for the environmental news. I spent quite some time trying to get some snappy headlines to be read at the beginning of the show, but by the time I got a copy of the script (the hosts brought it with them), we were already on the air. And that’s when I realized one of the hosts was going to read my beautiful headlines! Meanwhile I got stuck reading something insipid about GIS programs. It was awful. I was not in a pro-radio mood.

But radio show aside, the rest of my day went pretty well. I like today’s journalism class – Fundamentals of Reporting. We always have pretty good discussions, and today we somehow got on the topic of how we Canadians think we’re smarter than Americans.

“I’ve heard that a lot actually,” said my professor. “Why is that?”

Without even skipping a beat, one of the girls in my class says bluntly, “Because it’s true.”

I love it, but clearly not as much as my prof. I think that comment caught him really off guard, because he did one of those wheezy laughs where a person is laughing so hard there’s no sound. It’s just a really forceful expulsion of air. He was completely red in the face from laughing. I love that prof. He’s hilarious.

The rest of my day was pretty unproductive. I decided to take the day off. Thursdays just start feeling like weekends for me even though I have two classes tomorrow. I have time this weekend to do work anyway so there’s no real rush. Of course I’ll be singing a different tune as early as tomorrow when the weekend actually starts and I begin to feel like time is ticking away much too quickly for my liking. But that’s for Future Me to worry about.

Before I go, I’d just like to share an interesting article my mom shared with me. It’s four pages and definitely not the best journalism I’ve ever read (by a long shot) but it has some pretty interesting claims. Whether or not you agree with this contentious issue is up to you.

“Too Asian?”:


One thought on “Day 69: Rising and shining

  1. Ah! That sucks!!! I give you Phoebe and Maria back.
    It’s good that you took a break. I did that too last night. It felt so good not to think about school.
    Future me regrets it now.

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