Day 71: Happy 35th birthday, CKCU

I think my culinary career has taken a giant step today. I tried to make instant pasta (Kraft Dinner for the cool kids) today for lunch and it went horribly, horribly wrong. What have I learned? Don’t try to cook pasta in a hotpot pot! I think the verdict was the hotpot pot is too thin and gets too hot to cook something that can actually sit on the bottom.

As soon as I dumped in the package of pasta mix, I smelled a faint burning smell. I thought it was just the pasta that smelled funny, but it got progressively worse until there was absolutely no mistaking it: my lunch was burning. I shut off the hot plate and tilted the pot so I could see the bottom. Lo and behold there was a spectacular black ring of burnt … something stuck on the bottom of my beautiful pot! It was about an inch in width and refused to come off no matter how much I scrubbed and soaked. It filled our whole apartment with a lovely burning smell (I’m surprised I didn’t set off any alarms). Fortunately Kitty decided to make cookies later in the afternoon.

Well I suppose every great chef has to have burnt something before. I’m no great chef, but perhaps my little adventure will push me a tiny step closer. Hey, I never said I was going to be a good chef. I was about to give my hotpot  the old heave-ho, but I went over to visit my friend Natalie who lives down the hall. It turns out she and Lindsay had the same problem many times before and they had some super cleaning powder that guarantees a clean metal pot (with some dedicated scrubbing). Now there is no evidence at all of my detour!

Tonight was the 35th anniversary for Carleton’s radio station, CKCU 93.1 FM. I can’t believe it’s been officially recognized by the CRTC since 1975. It’s $30 per ticket that covers a dinner buffet and a bunch of CKCU alumni, but we current volunteers get in for free. It wasn’t the most interesting night (there were four panels of former CKCU-ers, one from each of decade starting from ’70s, talking about their experiences as staff and volunteers), but there was plenty to eat and I figure it’s nice to support the radio.

I didn’t get to finish as much schoolwork as I had hoped today. Hopefully tomorrow will yield better results. This weekend is really zipping by! I think it’s time to read the news and call it a day.


One thought on “Day 71: Happy 35th birthday, CKCU

  1. That’s nothing compared to the Apple Pie Fiasco of 2010 in my oven. Keep in mind that my smoke alarm went off since there was a full-out fire. Let’s just say that you learn from your potentially life-threatening mistakes. But props to you sister for trying something new in the kitchen!

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