Day 73: A good mood on a bad day

I’m in a jolly good mood today for no apparent reason, maybe it’s because I had a coffee this afternoon but I’m pretty sure I was a Prozac commercial before that. Strangely, in retrospect, my day was one of those days when nothing goes according to plan. Aye verily, it was the very definition of “crappy.”

What went wrong

  • I had nightmares all night about an axe murderer trying to chop off my arm, and woke up rather unrested. (To this very minute I still have no explanation for what triggered that scary dream.)
  • I woke up extra early today because I wanted to have my laundry done before my 10 a.m. phone interview.
    • Laundry refused to co-operate today. The wash cycle was fine, but the dryers were out to get me. We have about eight dryers and at least five of them had signs on them reading “Not working” or “No heat.” I threw my clothes into one of the few drying machines without signs.
    • My clothes didn’t dry. It spun around for an hour, but no heat. I threw them into another machine.
    • The same thing happened.
    • By then I had no more time for a third try (class was coming up). I ended up laying all my clothes on every flat surface in my room and left the window open. Needless to say I did not get my laundry done before interview time, but that was not really an issue because …
  • … my interviewee stood me up. He never picked up my call. I left a message and went to class.
  • I got a paper cut.

Here my day took a slightly uphill turn for a while. I went to a coffee shop for an in-person interview at 3 p.m. It was the same place I interviewed the president of CITA for my profile assignment. (This time I just ordered a regular coffee instead of the mocha that tasted like prune juice that I got last time.) I guess it went well. There was more aimless small talk, but that’s to be expected for in-person interviews.

I was in high spirits after the interview so I decided to drop by the green business whose owner already shut me down when I asked for an interview last week. I was hoping for a new lead.

What went wrong (continued)

  • I walked six or seven large blocks to get to the green business only to have the cashier lady direct me back to the same owner who refused to speak to me.
  • The bus back to school was half an hour late.
  • I dropped my full water bottle on my bare big toe and now it’s a brilliant shade of purple.
    • Actually I’ve been strangely uncoordinated for these past few days. My entire body is a rainbow of bruises. And they’re not even all in normal places like elbows and knees! I have one random one halfway up my thigh. How did I get that? I have no idea.

And yet here I sit in the best of moods. It’s a good feeling.


One thought on “Day 73: A good mood on a bad day

  1. OUCH! Did you spew out some swear words when that happened? haha
    Why so many bruises? I got a good laugh out of the ‘I got a paper cut’ since it’s so abrupt after the ‘interviewee stood me up’ part.

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