Day 77: Epic Project Party

Campus for Christ (C4C) hosted its third annual Epic Project Party tonight. It’s basically a night where the Ottawa U and Carleton C4C members come together for a night to learn more about missions trips. They’re kind of like alternative spring/winter/summer break, where people can go to places like Scotland, the Philippines, Uganda, Panama, South East Asia and just about everywhere in between to tell people about God. And at the end, there’s the party part (a.k.a. food, music and crazy dancing). It was so much fun!

But before we even got to the food, the fire alarm suddenly went off. I should probably preface this by saying our party was in a room on the ground floor of Ottawa U’s biggest residence building. There are about 20 floors. Everyone thought it was a false alarm and that we’d only be outside in the subzero weather for about five minutes. Good thing I violated the fire drill rules and grabbed my coat and purse (which had my mittens and scarf) because we were our there for the next three hours.

It turns out the fourth floor flooded and no one was allowed back in there for hours. We, along with the entire residence, were standing outside for a good 20 minutes before someone shouted, “Tailgate party!” And so we moved the Epic Project Party to the parking lot, flung the doors and trunk of someone’s car wide open, turned up the music and danced the night away. It was definitely a good way to get our minds off the cold. At one point, people were in T-shirts. Those are Canadians for you.

At about 11 p.m., someone came up with the idea that we should make use of this opportunity. We want to tell people about how awesome Jesus is, and here we had an entire population of homeless students who had nowhere to go. So we headed to the next door cafeteria where the evacuees had gathered, and shared. I went for a hot chocolate run with some friends and we were a little late for sharing so we didn’t get very far, but it was definitely a good experience.

Fortunately we managed to catch the bus back to Carleton before the buses stop running at around midnight. It was a great night. I’m really glad I went. The rest of my day was pretty negligible, but the Epic Project Party definitely salvaged the day.

Extra hoorah: At about 12:30 a.m., Natalie came over to visit with a box full of freshly-baked sugar cookies. They had bright pink sprinkles and one even had a giant V on it just for me. I didn’t even bother asking why she was baking at midnight.


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