Day 80: Soggy days make for soggy moods

It’s weird how much the weather can affect my mood. It was completely grey outside today, devoid of colour and life. For the whole day, I just did not feel like doing any work, which is not ideal at all because I have my major journalism feature assignment due in less than a week. If I knew what was good for me, I’d be more productive. It’s times like these I wish I could just skip ahead and see what brilliant assignment I end up writing, just to give me some inspiration.

I started up on a pretty lucky note. It’s laundry day today and if you’ll recall, none of the dryers in my building work. But it just so happened that when I went to empty the washing machine, I saw a maintenance man tinkering away on the dryers. He fixed them all! And the best part was, he was still testing them so he said I could just throw my laundry into a machine without having to pay. Well isn’t that just swell? It almost makes up for all those other times I paid for dryers that didn’t work.

There was practically no one in my Chinese class today. Everyone was just very subdued. There was one guy who hasn’t shown up in about a week who came back today. Turns out he had mono … and decided to sit right next to me. He has about four tests to make up by Wednesday (I’m so glad I’m not him). I was feeling pretty good about myself for having perfect attendance so far, until laoshi comes over and says to Mono Guy, “You missed quite a lot. Veronica hasn’t missed a single class. You better ask her to borrow her notes.” Great.

I don’t share notes. It’s just a principle I have. I will gladly help out a friend if they tell me ahead of time that they can’t make it to class for a legitimate reason (not “I’m tired. I think I’ll be sleeping through this class. Take notes for me won’t ya?”) I’m a note taker for the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, but I absolutely do not share notes with people who don’t give any notice when they’re sick, and only later as an after thought decide they should probably mooch off someone who has been attending every single class no matter how painfully mundane.

But what could I do? Laoshi was staring right at me. She was clearly expecting me to say yes. I would have just looked rude if I said, “No way. It’s not my fault you got mono and didn’t tell anyone.” So I handed over my precious, meticulously colour-coded notes. I don’t even know Mono Guy that well. Who knows how well he takes care of his class notes, let alone mine. I guess I’ll just have to trust him. I wish I had time to make a copy of them. They’re handwritten so if I lose them, that’s it. I’ll be forced to beg for someone else’s inferior notes in who knows what kind of chicken scratch hand writing and various states of completeness or accuracy. Veronica doesn’t share notes!

That disaster aside, the rest of my day has been largely uneventful. I’m constantly exhausted and I just want to go to sleep. Unfortunately, I really need to catch up on the news and I want to at least attempt to start my feature (even if it means just opening a new document and adding the page numbers). And my night continues.


One thought on “Day 80: Soggy days make for soggy moods

  1. I hope you get your notes back! I haven’t missed a single Japanese class either! I mean they are too much fun to miss, plus we do a lot haha!
    Ganbatte and add oil! Less than a month left!

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