Day 82: Hamsters are geniuses

It’s been another long day where I feel like I had tons of time to get work done, and yet no said work was actually finished. In fact, I think I spent more time eating today than I spent doing homework. Lindsay got an early birthday cake today from her boyfriend’s mom. It’s a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m usually not a big fan of carrot cake, or cream cheese, but this cake was amazing. I will most definitely be going over there and stealing another slice out of their fridge.

Looking back, I don’t really know what I accomplished today … that’s unfortunate. I’ve got it! Ah, now I don’t feel so lazy. I did do something productive today.

This morning I got an email from Andrew, one of the guys from “Spaces, Places and Faces” (the radio show I’ve been volunteering with). He’s acting-producer this week so he has to coordinate the show. It turns out he couldn’t find anyone to do the environmental news. I don’t know if someone bailed on the last minute, or if Andrew just didn’t check the online schedule until today. But for whatever reason, he wanted to know if I could do the news tomorrow.

Now I was already planning on going to the show tomorrow morning because I was supposed to learn how to use sound board. I figured it would come in handy (plus I was feeling a little guilty at the staff meeting a few weeks ago when everyone signed up for a feature except me. I figured I’d better balance it out by volunteering somewhere else), but I didn’t prepare any environmental news at all. I hate last minute plan changes, but Andrew was desperate.

To be honest, I kind of agreed to do the news because I didn’t feel like working on my feature assignment. It’s all over the place right now so it’s not very appealing. So I spent a large portion of the afternoon finding stories and writing the news report. Throw in my three-hour class and the cake session with Lindsay and Natalie, and you’ll realize my day disappeared rather quickly.

Before I knew it, I was staring at my feature assignment again, typing away at a very slow pace with no real direction whatsoever. It was stating to resemble a dog’s breakfast in reverse if you’ll pardon the image. I had no idea what my point was anymore, and I had only just hit the halfway mark. I needed to regroup.

So at about 9 p.m., much later than ever before, I hit the gym. I thought that if I engaged in some mundane task that would give me a chance to think without sitting at a computer screen, it might get some of those creative juices flowing (although I have to say my creative juice wells are known to run dry this late in the semester). And by George, it worked!

There I was plodding along on the treadmill when I figured out the problem with my feature. I started on the wrong angle! I had some major reconstruction to do, but fortunately I think I’ll be able to salvage what I’ve already written and rework it into my new feature. Hopefully I don’t lose my angle again somewhere at the 800-word mark.

Who knew running for about 30 minutes could work such miracles? I certainly didn’t, which is why I am almost certain that hamsters are far more intelligent than we’re making them out to be. Beware! They’re probably hatching a plot right at this very moment to cure cancer, end world hunger and then take over the world (in that order).

You’d think 1,200 words is nothing, but truth be told, that’s about twice the length of any article I’ve written for my reporting class so far. I’m getting tired of this topic. It’s time to just get it done to spare myself further agony, and to spare you readers the pain of having to read post after post about my feature assignment.

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