Day 83: Just keep swimming

I survived the 1500 m swim! It really wasn’t as hard as I thought after all. We had a 1000 m warm-up and then BAM! We were off! I was trying to pace myself and focus on keeping track of how many lengths I was swimming. But by the time I hit the 50th length, I realized I still had quite a bit of energy and decided to sprint the last 10. I’m proud to announce I more than reached my goal of 30 minutes. I clocked in at 26 minutes and 34 seconds.

Apparently the fastest time my coach, Mitts, has seen is 18 minutes. (I know! Crazy, isn’t it?) It was actually the other swim coach, Lynn, back in the days when she used to swim competitively. Her specialty is long-distance freestyle (a.k.a. front crawl) and according to Mitts, she eats “like a normal person.” No protein shakes or nutrition bars for her! She’s been known to eat a burger, fries, and a big slice of chocolate cake. To be fair, she also swims twice a day, covering 10 km. But that still doesn’t explain how she ate a whole box of Oreos in one sitting. I am impressed!

I woke up at the crack of dawn today. I actually saw the sun rising! I headed into the radio station to do the environmental news and to learn how to use the sound board. There was a lot of dead air, and for that I apologize. I had a 30-second crash course when we were already six minutes late starting the show, so bear with me. I suppose I can take comfort in the host telling me my first stab at the sound board was one of the better ones he’s seen (whatever that means).

Today was our second-last reporting class, but we’re all kind of treating next week’s class as a party since our final assignment is due Monday. I’m so glad there’s no exam for this class. I’m already going to be swamped with studying as it is. We were talking about the future of journalism. Everyone knows newspapers are on the decline, it’s a horrible dying industry, blah blah blah. But our prof actually took a refreshingly positive look at it. He said he actually envied us on some level because we’re going to be the generation carving out the new place for journalism in the globalized age. How lovely in theory. I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly don’t have any brilliant ideas yet about how to get people to pay for their news when everything is free online.

On that reassuring note, I think I’m going to call it an early night. The sooner I get to sleep, the sooner Friday will get here.

Afterthought: I updated my Class Assignments and Published Articles pages for those who feel like perusing through them. My newest Charlatan article just came out today. It’s about the protests in the UK. All comments good and bad are welcome. I’m interested to know what worked and what didn’t from my lovely audience!


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