Day 84: Cheese and chocolate

Lethargic. I think that is the best word for today. I feel like this whole year has really drained me of all energy. My classes were really slow today and I kept feeling really anxious to get on with the day, even though I don’t really have anything planned.

I decided to have a Me afternoon. I went to Serious Cheese, the place that sells about every type of cheese ever made, and lots of fresh-baked bread. I got one of their famous grilled cheeses. It was extremely pricey, but I have to say it was definitely the best grilled cheese I ever had. The bread was encrusted with some sort of roasted seeds (I want to say sunflower?) and there were two kinds of cheese in it: Parmesan and Gouda. Mm. I don’t know if it’s worth getting again, but it was definitely worth trying.

And just because it was a beautiful sunny day and I was in a good mood, I decided to walk about 10 minutes down Bank Street to Truffle Treasures and got a big steaming mug of Aztec hot chocolate. They make it with real melted 72 per cent dark chocolate with spices (chili, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom). It was the first time I’ve ever had chocolate with chili peppers in it. It was pretty good, an interesting twist on a classic. You don’t really get a chili taste, just the heat.

From there I bussed back to school and decided to get some work done and out of the way. I took a break at 6 p.m. to go to the weekly C4C (Campus for Christ) meeting. Some people were going to McDonald’s afterwards, but I was too exhausted to go. (Besides, I already had a cheesy, chocolaty afternoon. I think it’s best to spread out the artery-clogging instead of splurging on one day.)

Final note: I had a pleasant surprise when I flung the curtains open this morning. Ottawa has been blanketed in snow! It’s really only a centimeter or two, but it has definitely put everyone in a Christmas-y mood. Dec. 16 can’t come fast enough! I can’t wait to hop on that train and head home for the holidays.


One thought on “Day 84: Cheese and chocolate

  1. You’re heading home the same day as I am! I’m definitely going to try to meet up with you before I go on my vacay! (I almost typed out vagay, don’t ask. It’s been a long night)

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