Day 86: Muggles rejoice!

It’s finally Lindsay’s birthday (eve)! I have been awaiting this day for weeks, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I went to the Met this morning with Natalie as usual. Halfway through worship, one man in the adult choir passed out! He has diabetes, and I guess his blood sugar was low. He just collapsed partway through a song and someone had to call 911. The paramedics came and he was carried out on a stretcher. It shook up the entire congregation, but there was definitely some powerful prayer for him. Fortunately, I heard he was feeling better after some juice.

I spent the afternoon in Lindsay and Natalie’s room. We were all enjoying our free time – the lull between the end of classes and exams. We ended up sprawled out in Natalie’s room playing Sporcle (which I just discovered today. It’s a bunch of time-killing quizzes. See if you don’t know what it is.), listening to music, gushing about Harry Potter and singing off key at previously unknown octaves. Good fun.

We went out for dinner at a little sushi restaurant. It’s in a building that looks like a house. The main floor is the restaurant, the second floor is a yoga studio. Ah, the beauty of Ottawa. I can’t believe how much we ate! The sushi was amazing. We devoured plate after plate of food and I think everyone was in a food coma by the end of it. I could barely breathe, but it was great!

Side note: We didn’t even have to take public transit today! Lindsay’s boyfriend, Doug, has a car. We were packed in there so tightly, I was surprised no one had to bring out the Crisco and shoehorn. I think we must have looked like clowns coming out of those tiny cars. It definitely beats waiting for the bus.

After dinner, we were off to the main event: Harry Potter! It was fantastic. Words can’t even begin to describe how pumped I was for this movie. There was definitely some cheering when the title came up, and a loud “NO!” when the credits popped up at what was inevitably a cliffhanger (I mean I knew it was coming if the movie title has a Part 1 attached to it, but it still kills me. I can’t wait eight whole months for the next part to come out in July 2011. It’s cruel is what it is.)

Whenever I finish watching a Harry Potter movie, I always wish I had a wand. They make it look like so much fun (minus the running away and deadly battles with old flat-faced Voldey). I just feel like my life would be better if I wasn’t a Muggle. Those mean old wizards and witches are hogging all the fun to themselves, but there’s still hope. It’s a secret belief I have that my Hogwarts letter is still on its way. J.K. Rowling had it wrong. You don’t get accepted when you’re 11. Hogwarts is actually a masters program, or maybe it’s for seniors. You think all those retirees are headed to Florida to soak up the sun, but in reality, Disneyland is Hogwarts. Just you wait and see. I’ll get my wand yet!

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