Day 88: The end is nigh

The great thing about the last week of classes is you can finally say goodbye to those profs who make two hours feel like eight. I gladly filled out that teaching evaluation, complete with comments. It’s not that I don’t like my classes. On the contrary, I was really excited for them. But some people just have a gift for making topics like nuclear proliferation and terrorism turn into blah-blah blah and blah. Maybe it’s just his teaching style that isn’t right for my learning style. That’s why I like my Friday journalism class where we get guest speakers every week. We still get dry speakers every now and then, but there’s always hope every week that we might get a good one.

Everything seems to be coming to an end (including November). Today was the last day of POiNT group. We finished watching the DVDs for the “Does God exist?” series. It was pretty interesting, and it’s nice to check in with everybody on a weekly basis to keep each other accountable. (It’s times like these I don’t understand monks that retreat into the mountains for years and isolate themselves from the world for spiritual growth. I just don’t see how you can love God without loving people.)

Today also marks the end of my wonton stocks. It didn’t seem possible back at the end of October when my mom came to drop off two big, bulging bags of frozen wontons (there were over 100 of them!), but I somehow finished them. Not a single wonton escaped my belly. Mm … wontons. I guess it’s going to be the caf and Tim Hortons from now on. Joyous.

Remember how I was going to start studying for exams today? Well it didn’t happen. I don’t understand how, but my day just seems to disappear before I can do anything productive. I’m finding it so hard to focus on studying. My brain seems to have checked out for the holidays. It’s going to be painful, but I think I’m going to have to at least print out my study notes tonight and put them on my desk so it will be staring me in the face as soon as I get up tomorrow morning. This drifting must stop!

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