Day 89: Ready, go

Well I did it. I’ve officially “started studying.” I completed my notes for my public institutions class and I’m really trying to get my brain into exam mode (with little success). I just can’t wait for this to be all over.

That was probably not helped by my Christmas planning today. It always seems silly to me that I have to make a schedule for holidays, but I know if I don’t, my precious break is going to be squandered. I need maximum rest while also seeing all the people I’ve missed very much over these past few months. All I know is this would be a lot easier if we just didn’t have exams. What ever happened to those lovely days of old where December meant Christmas parties in school, candy-cane-o-grams, and making ugly tree ornaments? How I miss those days.

In the spirit of getting into the studying mood, I think I’ll list all the things I want to do over the Christmas break:

  1. Spend time with my Mumsey and my Daddy
  2. Catch up with my friends, which will naturally include
    • Eating lots of sushi
  3. Bake chocolate- and peanut butter-chip cookies with toffee bits (I’ve been craving these for months)
    • And hey, while I’m at it, I think I’ll eat loads of peanut butter to make up for these lost months
  4. Go to my first ever spa, thanks to some very well-loved family friends
  5. Movie nights!
  6. READ
  7. Get chocolate chip pancakes from Sunset Grill
  8. Tame the rat’s nest that is my hair
  9. Lie around the house in my pajamas for a day, just because I can
  10. Think about absolutely nothing academically relevant and not feel guilty about it

It’s definitely going to be an excellent Christmas break. How can I possibly go back to learning about parliamentary reporting?


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