Day 90: Have a cookie

Today is a proud day. I actually finished all the studying I had planned for today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially after I wrote out a very extensive To Do list (my philosophy is the more you break down even the simplest tasks into really small parts, the more stuff you can cross off your list, which is always very satisfying). I even got a chance to buy some Christmas cards. In a way, I like to think I’m also studying for my Chinese exam by writing Christmas cards to my family in Hong Kong. Albeit I’m using traditional characters instead of simplified, but I still get some practice for my grammar.

Today was the last class of my journalism reporting class. It really wasn’t a class at all. We had a news quiz for prizes. It was pretty intense because our prof turned it into an elimination game. The winner gets first pick of the “pile of crap” he brought (his words, not mine). It was a bunch of CBC paraphernalia, and the grand prize was a $10 Tim Hortons gift card (someone gave it to our prof, but he’s not a Timmy’s fan). I wasn’t even close to first place, though I’m proud to say I was definitely not the first one out. There were at least five or six people before me, so I think that’s a solid effort. First-year Veronica would have been proud (considering I didn’t even study this week).

In the end, we all had a chance to fight over the remaining prizes. I got a CBC notepad. Score.

Swimming was pretty mellow today. I think Mitts, our coach, was feeling nice after he made us suffer through long-distance I.M. on Tuesday. I’m not even tired, but it was enjoyable.

Now I want for nothing more than to write my Christmas cards, watch the news (at my leisure!) and get some sleep. After the chaotic mess of this semester, exams are nothing. (These words will probably come back to bite me in the butt when I’m sitting in the exam room, scribbling frantically to finish my essay questions. But that’s for Future Veronica to worry about.)


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