Day 93: Great balls of fire

I went to the Met flying solo today. My Met buddy, Natalie, slept through her alarm. It was snowing pretty heavily all day long. I keep hearing that a blizzard was supposed to hit Toronto in the next few days and everyone is supposed to stock up on enough food to last them a week, but it looks like Ottawa sucked up that blizzard faster. ¬†Personally, I like this kind of snow. It’s light and fluffy and you can actually see the individual snowflakes collecting on your mitts.

After church, I finally got some studying done. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but it does clear up my conscience a little bit to know that I studied. Possibly the most interesting part of my day was when I got hungry and tried to heat up leftover chicken balls from yesterday’s Chinese takeout. I stuck it in the microwave and then popped it in the toaster to make it all crispy again on the outside. All was going well until the timer went off and I went to pull them out of the toaster.

I kid you not. There were flames in my toaster. I guess something must have fell through the metal rack and caught fire, but there was a wall of blue and orange flames along the bottom of the toaster. After staring at it wide-eyed for about 30 seconds, I huffed and puffed frantically at it, but that just seemed to encourage it. Then the smoke detector decided to kick in and join the party. I dove for the window and let the gusty, snowy air come gushing into our kitchen.

It was definitely some undue chaos, but those were tasty leftover chicken balls.

For a good five minutes, I thought I was going to have to go to Celebration! by myself too. I knocked on Jasmine’s door but no one answered. I thought I heard a knock on my door, but there was no one in the hall when I went to open it. I ran for the bus with what felt like the entire contents of the Atlantic Ocean in flurry form being dumped on my head. The important part is I made it. Sadly, that is not the only time I would be running for the bus tonight.

When I was getting off at my stop, I ran into Jasmine. It turns out she was sitting at the back of the bus and we both didn’t see each other. She had knocked on my door but didn’t wait around because she thought she was going to be late (she wasn’t) and I knocked on her door and waited for quite some time for someone to answer because I didn’t think I was going to be late (I was).

While we were waiting for our transfer, there was all this brilliant, untouched snow in the grass nearby. It wasn’t quite deep enough for snow angels, so we settled for drawing a giant snail in the snow. I don’t really know how it turned into a snail, but it did. Some middle-aged woman was waiting for the bus too and I think she was living vicariously through us because she was giving us tips on how to make it more snail-like. Anyway, we were so into our snow snail that we didn’t see the bus until it whooshed by us without slowing down! Cue my second bus chase of the evening.

Luckily we caught up with the bus and made it stop for us. That felt like a long time ago. I”m absolutely exhausted even though Kitty was the one who spent four hours doing Jiu Jitsu. (She had her grading today and she got her green belt! I guess we don’t need to invest in a security system after all.) I’m looking forward to going home in 11 days!


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