Day 94: Last day of school

How I’ve longed for this day. The first semester of second year is officially over (minus exams). I had my last Chinese class today and I think our laoshi was a little too happy to say goodbye to us. I don’t really blame her. We were pretty terrible at times. I’m surprised she didn’t tear her hair out or chew off her arm just to have something to throw at us at times. I’m looking forward to second year Mandarin.

I spent the rest of the day lazing around res and revelling in the idea of classes being done and over with. I worked on my Christmas cards all day, and now I’m really regretting that I didn’t study a single word all day. I’m going to regret that tomorrow when I’m making up for the past four days of study-evasion. How did it suddenly turn into the last 48 hours before my first exam? Let the madness begin!

On the plus side, I got my Santa hat in the mail today! I left it at home by accident and my mom sent it to me. It’s practical and festive! I’ve been waiting all freezing November to wear my Santa hat and now that it’s December, I’m finally able to put it on without getting dirty looks from people who are not quite ready to embrace winter yet. I can’t wait to use it (too bad I won’t actually be going anywhere and having a life for the next few days, thanks to intense study time).

Highlight of the day: I got my marks back for that long article on the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association. All my sweat and tears actually paid off! I remember absolutely hating every bit of that project. There was so much frustration and stress that I think I actually shaved years off my life just trying to get through it. But in the end, I get to reap the fruits of my labour, and what marvellous fruits they are! I got an A! Hallelujah!

In the spirit of trying to keep up my good marks, I’m going to hit the hay “early” so I will have no excuses for tomorrow’s studying. News then bed.

Countdown to home: 10 days


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