Day 95: Curry in a hurry

Pats on the back and rounds of applause are in order. I was so productive this morning! I woke up four or five hours earlier than everyone else on campus (8 a.m.) and actually studied. It truly was a groundbreaking discovery. I realized I do remember a lot of what I’ve studied earlier after all! This is very comforting news considering those first few days of studying were extremely painful.

In addition to this lovely progress, I polished off a few more Christmas cards and picked up my politics essay. It was definitely an improvement over my midterm, so I’m pretty happy with my mark so far, though it’s far from my usual standard. Ah well, I guess I have to roll with the punches and adjust my goals for those difficult subjects. I suppose personal growth is something to celebrate.

My productivity was starting to wind down after lunch (I guess I’m more of a sprinter than a long-distance runner when it comes to studying). I was nodding off while trying to read over my notes. So sleepy I was that I didn’t even feel like going to the last POiNT group of the year (the Celebration! Church small group that meets at Carleton), but Jasmine texted me and in a snap decision, I threw down my notes and went to the meeting. I figured it would be a good break, and hopefully give my brain the refresher it needed before submerging back into the muddy waters of studying.

The meeting ended up continuing for over two hours, but I’m glad I went. It was nice to see everyone and look back on how much we’ve all grown over this semester. It was 5 p.m. by the time the meeting finished and everyone dispersed. The only people remaining were all Celebration! members, lying around the TV room being silly. Everyone was starving, so we all decided to go to the food court of the mall at Billing’s Bridge for an early dinner. It’s nothing fancy, but I’ll take any opportunity to get off campus, however briefly.

I have to say that food court surprised me. We were looking around at our options when the Tandoori stand workers were handing out free curry samples. It was amazing. Maybe I was just hungry, but I suddenly realized how much I like curry. I got the three curry platter, which comes with rice and warm, toasty naan. I gobbled that up down to the last grain of rice. Goodness, I love India.

Side note: Ryan was with us when we went to Billings. He’s the rather vocal guy who was in my Chinese class. On the way to bus stop, he put up his hood, tied his scarf around the lower half of his face so that only his eyes were showing (he looked like a cross between a crazy person and a ninja). Then as a group of people were walking by, he ran towards them with a flying high kick and a piercing war cry before scurrying onto the bus. I felt the need to report that. He’s a character.

After a great dinner, I had plenty of energy to go swimming. The attendance rate has gone down quite a bit as we near the end of the semester. I had a whole lane to myself! I thoroughly enjoyed that swim. I guess there aren’t many hours left in this day to do any more studying, but tomorrow is another day. If the rest of my studying goes as well as it did today, I should be ready for the exam on Thursday morning. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now.


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