Day 96: And runnin’ runnin’

I just got back from the gym about 10 minutes ago and I feel awesome. It may be a pain to get out the door and actually walk a tiring five minutes through the tunnels to get there, but every time I get back from the gym, I feel like a million dollars (what a silly, yet surprisingly fitting phrase).

All day long, I was studying away and I must say I’m rather impressed with the progress I’ve made. I managed to get through all my journalism notes again and I reviewed the questions from the midterm I wrote in October (the prof hinted that some of the questions would be reused, and who am I to throw away free marks?). It may be too soon to say, but I think I’m ready to take this midterm.

I’m planning on getting a good night’s sleep tonight, wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed (another strange phrase) and conquer that final! That’s part of the reason why I hit the gym today. I figure I have a better chance of getting some much-needed rest if I tire myself out first.

Another reason for going to the gym today: Kitty made a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies. Considering my room door was open and it’s directly across from the toaster oven, I had to be her guinea pig and try one. (And by “one,” I mean four. It’s a disease really.) I was wearing my Cookie Monster t-shirt and got caught up in the moment. I’m just living up to my reputation. Four is actually personal growth. Normally I don’t slow down until at least the first half dozen mark. Baby steps! I didn’t get this magnificent body from eating grapefruit and oatmeal. No sir, this ravishing physique comes from years of hardcore cookie and cake consumption. Drink it in.

I think I’ll spruce up today’s post with a picture. Here’s my mascot, my idol, my brother from another mother and the blue-furred hero of my life.

Cookie Monster
He's so refined. It's a beautiful thing.

Official countdown to home: 8 days


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