Day 98: Must flee scurvy

That’s it. Tomorrow, I definitely need to get off campus and walk around outside somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t really matter where, but I really can’t stay inside my room or keep scurrying through the tunnels on food breaks.

As soon as I finish my Chinese exam tomorrow morning, I’m heading out into the world. Will I even recognize it? Have jet packs gone mainstream? Do we all have robot butlers now? Has global warming been revealed as a prolonged April Fools joke by aliens? I need time to get acclimated. It has not been easy living under a rock for … goodness, it hasn’t even been a week since classes ended?

I really thought I’d been in this studying mode much longer than five days. Well that just shows how vulnerable the human mind (or maybe just my mind) truly is. Who knew that all this time I was just hanging off the brink of sanity. Well that’s a comforting thought.

Today was possibly the most mind-numbingly dull day of the semester. I did absolutely nothing except study for Chinese. It wasn’t even intense studying. I kept looking out the window and getting sidetracked. It was supposed to feel like -19 degrees this morning, and people seem to be very excited about the weather warming up (hey, at least we’re out of the subzero twenties). I saw a guy running around campus in shorts and a t-shirt.

We were also dusted rather heavily with light, fluffy snow this evening. (Those perceptive souls out there may notice that I have sneakily segued into talking about the weather to distract you from how uneventful my day was.) I went out briefly for about 30 minutes to buy some stamps, mail a letter, hit the ATM and run other such show-stopping errands. In that short time I was out there clomping through the snow from building to building, I turned into a walking snowball. There was so much snow, I think I almost drowned from inhaling snowflakes.

But I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I was waiting for the weather to warm up. Snowfall means clouds and clouds are nature’s blanket. I appreciated the opportunity to get out of the tunnels. If I stayed indoors any longer, I think my eyes will forget how to react to the sun and I’ll go blind. That is if I don’t get scurvy first.

So here is my promise of the day: I am taking tomorrow off! I’m going out and enjoying myself even if everyone else refuses to join me because they’re all still studying and haven’t cracked yet.

Official countdown to home: 6 days


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