Day 101: Aftershocks

Even though I let myself sleep in until past 9 a.m. today, I’ve been incredibly tired all day long, and understandably so. I don’t regret yesterday at all, but it would make studying so much easier if my eyelids would, oh I don’t know, stay open.

But to give you a fuller understand of my exhaustion, we need a recap.

Day 100: Mother Nature ain’t got nothin’ on me

It was absolutely miserable weather yesterday. We had just about every type of precipitation known to humankind. We started off the day with snow, followed by rain at about noon and a mix of sleet and freezing rain for the rest of day. And yet, despite all that, I spent an unnecessary amount of time outside soaking it all up.

In the morning, I went to the Met with Natalie and we were being pelted by little ice pellets while we waited for the shuttle to arrive, and continued to abuse us all the way back to res. But it didn’t stop there.

I studied for all of an hour and a half before heading out with Kitty at 2 p.m. to go to this amazing burger place called The Works (Prepare to let your mouth water at as a floor event. We waited and waited in the TV room where we were supposed to be meeting, but no one showed up so we decided to go by ourselves.

So once again I was waiting outside for the bus. As it turns out, the rest of our floor was waiting for the bus too … at a different stop. I guess we missed the memo. The important part is we made it to The Works and I feasted. I had a burger with avocado, carmelized onions and Havarti cheese, complete with sweet potato strings on the side and an Oreo mocha milkshake. It was so good. The burger was so juicy. It was impossible to eat it gracefully but it tasted so amazing I didn’t even care. That milkshake was gone too in about five minutes.

Side note: After we had already ordered drinks, the manager comes over to strike up conversation, and he recommended the “best milkshake you’ll ever have.” Picture this: Oreo pieces, chocolate, raspberry. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I would have been all over that … had I not already ordered my Oreo mocha. I don’t regret it because all their milkshakes make it impossible for you to concentrate on anything else except how you can scrape all those cookie pieces into your mouth using just a flimsy straw without alarming everyone at the table. I’ve really missed The Works.

After lunch, we waited for almost 15 minutes for the bus back to school. It was still sleeting. I was going to take another bus at 4:30 p.m. to head to church, but it was only just past 4 p.m. at the time and I thought I’d be clever and go back to school with everyone else and be just in time to catch the bust to church from school at 4:30 p.m. But as luck would have it, I missed the bus by three minutes. It turns out there are two Bus 7’s and I thought I could just stay on the 7 that took us back from the Works. But the bus driver was taking his break and he kicked me off the bus to stand in the rain for 15 minutes and watch him read his newspaper while sitting all toasty and dry inside the bus. It bordered on sadistic.

I was soaked by this point, but I was determined to get to church since this was my last Sunday in Ottawa before Christmas break. When I got to the stop where I wait for my transfer, I realized the annoying Sunday bus schedule had kicked in and I had to wait half an hour for the next bus. There was no bus shelter or any other buffer between me and the elements. I stood there in the wind and sleet for 30 minutes, and lost all feeling in my extremities.

By the time I made it to church, squelching in my soaked boots and peeling off my drenched coat, scarf and mitts, I was half an hour late. Surprisingly I didn’t miss that much! They must have started late for some reason. Thank God for that.

After church, I was planning on heading back to school. It’s very hard to enjoy yourself when you’re soggy, but my friends, Jasmine, Jason, Laosey and DK were going to Ryan’s house to make pizza. Jasmine wanted to put veggies on the pizza but was being overwhelmingly shut down by the meat-loving men. I decided to help a sister out. Besides, I love the feeling of squishing dough! There was no way I was turning down that prime opportunity.

It was a crazy night. I’m so glad I decided to go because it was so much fun. We kind of destroyed Ryan’s kitchen, but we had four massive pizzas to show for our work. And when I say massive, I mean massive. Thanks to the boys, there was about two inches of meat piled on every single pizza. We stuffed one of the crusts with cheese, and dumped BBQ sauce on another. The whole time we were dodging Ryan and his housemates who are always wrestling each other until they’re all red in the face and huffing and puffing.

Jasmine’s veggie pizza went into the oven looking the most tame and normal of them all, but for some reason it was blanketed in sausage when we pulled it out. Boys. DK was slicing sausage with a very satisfied grin on his face. I wasn’t planning on eating any pizza, not after I’d already stuffed myself to bursting at The Works. But midnight rolled around. Three of the four pizzas were gone, and I figured I’d better try at least one slice of my own creation.

Of course we just so happened to leave the stuffed crust meat lovers pizza to the very end. (They were all pretty meaty, but that last one was 100 per cent boys’ creation. There were at least six layers of meat on it with tons of cheese holding it all together. I nearly got a heart attack just looking at it.) I have to say though, for all it’s artery-clogging potency, it was pretty tasty. I’m not proud of it, but I downed a giant slice of that greasy beast and settled back into a big squashy couch for my second food coma of the day.

We spent the rest of the night playing Street Fighter on Ryan’s Xbox (I was surprisingly unbeatable for quite some time. Not bad for my first attempt!) and just being silly in general. I got a pillow in the face at one point and I watched one of Ryan’s housemates hold all of DK’s weight on his abs. Let me just say DK is not a slight guy. Those abs actually looked like a washboard. Goodness, I can’t even lift a sock with my non-existent abs.

By the time we all emerged from our food comas and helped salvage Ryan’s kitchen, it was 1:45 a.m. Buses were definitely not running and I was all set to take a taxi, but thankfully one guy had a car. All seven of us piled into his tiny car. With the exception of the driver and DK (like I said, not a slight guy. He needs his space.), Jasmine and I were crammed into the back seat with Laosey and Jason. Let me just say none of us could take full breaths. I’m sorry, but there’s just no room for your fully expanded lungs.

So that is how I ended up plopping into bed past 2 a.m., not an ideal situation for my study schedule. But still, I’d do it again.

Day 101: Hitting the books

So that brings me back to today. The whole studying process has been very slow. I’m hoping for better results tomorrow. Jasmine and I went to the gym to work off that food baby from yesterday. I discovered our gym has a sauna! We were both so sleepy, but there’s nothing like a good workout to wake you up.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow will be more productive. This politics exam is killing me. There are way too many big broad questions like “What’s wrong with the world?” Thankfully this will all be over soon.

Official countdown to home: 3 days


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