Day 102: Bagel love

I had a very productive day. I got through all my studying and I’m all set for tomorrow’s review and then the exam on Thursday. There’s still a lot of material, but I feel like at this point I’ll be able to muck my way through the exam. After my review day tomorrow, I’ll be killing that exam.

The highlight of the day was a close tie between my study break and my last swim practice. I had so much energy for swimming. Even though the last class is Thursday, I won’t be able to make it because … I will be on the train home to Toronto! I was so speedy. Way to go out with a bang.

But my study break was definitely worth mentioning. I decided to reward myself for studying hard all morning and went out to Kettleman’s, a 24-hour bagel place. They’re famous for their handmade Montreal-style bagels. It was delicious. I had a sesame bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, capers and black olives. Mm. I was never a huge fan of Montreal bagels, but this place really changed my mind. I’m hooked!

I think it’s going to be a short post today. I want to get to bed early (which it’s not really anymore, being 12:04 a.m.) and get up bright and early and ready for my last day of studying.

Official countdown to home: 2 days


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