Day 3: Early weekend

Today was my day off. No classes! But did I sleep in? Nope. The athletics centre is having an open house and there’s an morning swim practice for people to try out, so of course I did. There’s probably a rule against trying a class for which you’ve already registered, but I still think this is a valid trial for two main reasons:

  1. It’s at a different time (8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. instead of 8:10 p.m. to 9:10 p.m.) and I realized I enjoy morning workouts a lot more than evening ones. But alas, there’s little I can do about a schedule that refuses to be more accommodating.
  2. There’s a different coach. I find the morning practice coach focuses more on correcting strokes and working on specific drills, whereas my coach likes to provide a rough guideline and leave it up to us to determine what kind of practice we’re going to have.

I was just about ready to keel over by the end of practice (Note to self: don’t try to cram two swim practices within a 12-hour period.), but I was feeling much more energized for the rest of the day. I managed to get all caught up on my readings and cleared a whole bunch of Chinese homework out of the way – a very productive day.

My qualm of the day: I find it extremely frustrating how textbook lists are updated and changed every semester, forcing students to buy brand new editions that may be exactly the same, save for an extra paragraph here and there (and of course the page numbers are never the same, so you can’t even follow along with an older version). It also makes it near impossible to sell your old textbooks because of course no one is looking for an old edition. Case in point? I am now stuck with a stack of textbooks that no one is using anymore. What am I going to do with them? Read them for leisure? Surely you must be joking.

I spent my evening doing something I’ll probably never have time for again until April or May. I painted! My friend, Lindsay, gave me a Muji sketchbook and water colour pencil crayons (they look like normal pencil crayons, but when you add water to them, they work like water colours) for Christmas, so of course I had to try it out. It also gave me a chance to take my portable scanner out for a spin (a Christmas present from my mommy). It sure beats struggling with a camera and bad lighting or trying to cram things into a regular scanner.

Totoro and friends sitting in a tree

I think it turned out pretty good. It’s always fun to forget about school for a while. Tomorrow is my first journalism reporting class and I just know I’m going to be swamped for the rest of the semester as of that class. I’m not really looking forward to that, but I’ll just have to deal with it when it comes.


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