Day 9: Full steam ahead!

Suddenly the week is looking a whole lot shorter, and not just because of my wide open Wednesday (who knew I could develop such a fondness for an otherwise despised and forgotten day of the week. No one ever acknowledges Wednesday. They tried to make it Hump Day, as in you’re chugging up the hill starting on Monday and it’s all smooth sailing down to the weekend from Wednesday onward. But really, who really mentions Wednesday other than in the context of “Surely you must be joking. It’s only [insert poor forgotten day of week]. But no more! I am all for Wednesdays this year, as I’m sure the rest of the world would be if they could sleep in and stay home from work and school.)

I’m actually talking about another week-shortener. I’m going home on Friday! My mom bought me airplane tickets to go home and we’re going to celebrate my birthday early since she’s going to be in Hong Kong for my actual birthday. I can’t wait! There’s also a bit of duo reason for going home. I really need to pick up my old desktop monitor to plug into my laptop when I’m working in my room.

Here’s a little free marketing (or anti-marketing) for you: Do not buy a Sony Vaio laptop! Oh the regret you will feel afterwards. It’s like the world’s worst technological hangover. It will be amazing for the first year or so, just until the warranty expires and then it’s a bunch of Japanese geeks are pointing and laughing at you from the Land of the Rising Sun. For my own little bundle of joy, I have a spastic monitor that flickers whenever I plug something into the USB outlets, or the charger, or the battery, when I adjust the screen, and of course whenever else it just decides I’ve had too little going on in my life.

I’ve tried to grin and bear it (okay, so I just bear it), but it’s giving me an aneurysm and I’m about two more monitor fits from chucking the whole thing out the window. So since I don’t have a couple grand burning a hole in my wallet, I’ve decided to just add more external … aids in an attempt to revive my laptop.

On an unrelated note, can I just say they really need to get a new picture for Jared Loughner (the Tucson gunman who shot Arizona’s Democratic congresswoman, Gabrielle Glifford). The one they have now is just a head shot of Loughner, shaved completely bald and smiling the creepiest smile I’ve ever seen with an eerie twitch in one eye. His picture shows up at least six times in every news podcast and that same photo is plastered all over every news website. Goodness I’m getting a heart attack from that face. It’s downright terrifying.

Well it’s been a full day of classes (Chinese, politics and my politics tutorial), and I have yet to really get cracking on my Charlatan article. I just found out we’re having a quiz on news and readings in our next journalism class, and I haven’t even made a dent in my list of job applications waiting to be filled out for the summer. And through it all, I’m surprisingly at peace. Why? Because I’m going home in three days!


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