Day 10: The great indoors

Looking back on today, I realize I haven’t set foot outside at all, which is not too much of a loss really. Everything is looking rather chilly this time of year. Once, after an ice storm, I could even hear the frozen tree branches creaking in the wind – not a particularly comforting sound when you’re walking to class. Although, I do have to hand it to God. Winter may be a pain to trudge through, but I do enjoy how every single branch on a tree can be individually coated in a thin cloak of ice. It’s so pretty!

Alas, that’s not what we’re getting here though. These past few days have just been juggling between being chilly enough to hurt your nose when you breathe, and warm enough to turn all fallen snow into a lovely grey slush.

Staying in has been a pretty productive day, though not on an academic level. I took my free Wednesday to pick up some editing work with my internship. I also got a chance to finish my Charlatan story. It actually took a lot longer than I thought, not because it was difficult to write, but because the subject matter was pretty intense at times. Let that be an incentive to look forward to its publication.

Before I knew it, the day had gone and I am one step closer to going home! exactly 48 hours from now, I will be already be comfy cozy at home. I can’t wait!


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