Day 14: Back to reality

As expected, my lovely but brief break from reality has come to an end. I’m back in Ottawa, back in residence, back in my little room where I’ve discovered the world hasn’t stopped just because I left for the weekend. Everything is just as I left it. Untouched To-Do lists. Piles of dirty clothes. Dust balls reminding me to run a vacuum through this place once in a while.

Even though it came to an end much faster than I would have liked, I don’t regret a single minute of this past weekend. Every last bit of it was absolutely wonderful and I feel very well rested despite my last minute scramble to get some work done before I left home.

This morning, my mom and I went to our favourite little restaurant that is something akin to a Hong Kong fast food cafe. And by fast food, I mean the service there is really speedy! I’ve got to hand it to the Chinese. They sure are efficient. We had a quick breakfast and then we were off to church. That’s the other good thing about being home. I get to go back to my home church, and I even bumped into some of my friends who are near impossible to find whenever I come home for the holidays. (I think it’s an extension of the phenomenon where you can never find something you’re looking for, but it’s always staring you in the face when you don’t need it.)

After church, I went to Sunset Grill to meet up with Emily and Rachel – possibly our last catch-up session before April. It’s such a shame the American holidays don’t match up with our Canadian ones. Those two hours went by so quickly!

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to be productive and attend to that schoolwork that’s been nagging me for these past two days. Meanwhile, my mom was bustling around the house packing all the food she could fit into my suitcase. I know I say this all the time, but I am going to be so well fed for the next week or so. That’s another perk about coming home. Not only am I stuffed from the minute I set foot in Toronto, but I’m pretty much set meal-wise for the near future.

Before I knew it, it was 7 p.m. and time to head to Pearson International. It’s always hard saying goodbye. I know I’ll see my mom again in February for Reading Week, but she’s going to be flying away to Hong Kong soon and it just feels different. On the bright side, I got a huge surprise when I was unpacking my suitcase. It turns out my mom had slipped three packages in there when I wasn’t looking (turns out I really do leave my baggage unattended), and it’s all labelled with the dates on which I’m allowed to open them.

There’s one each for the two days leading up to my birthday, and of course one for my actual birthday, including what I presume to be letters for when I start to feel like Reading Week will never get here. It’s so sweet of her! I love those little surprises she puts so much thought into.

It’s getting late (for once, Kitty called it a night before I did!) and I should be getting to bed. Tomorrow, the real return to madness begins. Hopefully I will be feeling all that energy I’ve been storing up over the weekend kick in and give me the boost I need to make it to the next break. Bombs away!


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