Day 15: Bambi on ice

I’m proud to announce I took my new skates out for a test run today. Doug, Lindsay, Natalie and I set out on what we’re tentatively calling our Monday skate session (we’ll see how long that lasts when the workload starts to pile up). I think the last time I skated was at Nathan Phillips Square last year. On top of that, I’m unashamed to say my skating skills are nothing to boast about. I took lessons when I was about seven years old, but I only remember two skills:

  1. How to skate forward
  2. How to get up after falling

Those astute readers out there will notice I did not add “How to stop” on my list. Well, let’s just say it’s not there because I’d rather not lie to my dear audience. I like to think that’s what the walls around the rink are for, and – if all else fails – I get to practice skill #2.

I may have born a close resemblance to Bambi on those first few rounds, but I think I’ll go out on a limb and say I got the hang of it after a while. At least the arm-flailing was kept at a minimum, though I can’t help but noticeably flinch every time someone skates too near to me. I can’t control my own speed, let alone compensate for any possible mishaps from others. Let’s just agree that Veronica needs a one-metre radius at all times and we’ll get along just fine.

I spent the rest of the day working hard and trying to get all caught up on my work. Sadly, I’m still further behind than I’d like to be, thanks to the extra Chinese homework we got today. But through it all, I’ve been filled with an unexpected sense of calm. I’ve decided to just plow onward to the best of my ability and leave the rest to God.

So far, it’s been working pretty well. I’m not as far along as I would have liked, but I’m well-equipped to tackle tomorrow, I found time to squeeze in my laundry, I caught up on my news podcasts, and I took a whack (however tiny) at my journalism assignment for Thursday.

Speaking of journalism, I just found out my profile on one of my residence’s cleaning ladies has been posted up on the Charlatan website. I added a link to it on my Published Articles page. Although I’m always happy to hear that people are reading my articles, I’d like to recommend this one especially, not because of my writing, but because I really feel that people need to hear about this story. It blew my mind as I was talking to Irene and in writing it all down, I just wanted to share her unbelievable experiences. So have a look when you get a spare moment, and let me know what you think!


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