Day 17: The final week

It’s official. I have one more week of being 19 and then it’s goodbye teenage years! You’d think I’d be more nostalgic, and perhaps I would be, were I not preoccupied with all the schoolwork weighing down on me.

Today was supposed to be my relaxing day. No classes, no problem, right? Ha! I wish. Well I suppose my problem was a small one compared to the horrors that could take place in a classroom, but it’s still an unappreciated part of my day. I was working all morning in my room and finished my journalism assignment. By noon, I was ready for a change of pace so I decided to head to Starbucks.

I packed my bags and rushed out to the train platform. I waited 10 minutes with the straps of my backpack digging their way further and further into my shoulders. I finally hopped on that O-Train. I tromped through the slush (it was a beautifully warm, sunny day at only -20 C), and finally made it into Starbucks. I pulled off my mitts, reached into my bag and … realized I had left my wallet all the way back in my room.

Take 2: Forty-five minutes later I was back in Starbucks having made a grand return to the room where I decided I could live without my laptop for the afternoon and dumped it in my room before nearly walking out again without my wallet. Well, I suppose third time’s the charm. At least I made it to Starbucks before the sun started to set.

I surprised myself and got nearly all my readings done by 5 p.m. I dropped by Loblaws, picked up dish soap, only to discover I was supposed to get sponges for our kitchen instead (such is my life). At some point, I think I just have to accept these lovely mishaps and move on in the hopes they will magically transform from painful reality to amusing anecdote by the time I need to recount the day’s events.

Remember the cleaning lady who gave me a great interview? Well I had another good talk with her this evening, this time by phone and I learned a little more about what it was like to be a newcomer to Canada. I think that’s going to be the subject of my feature, one of the major journalism assignments for this semester. It’s actually pretty interesting to see what exactly happens to refugees who enter the country, and what kinds of processes the city (or the country for that matter) goes through to help these people settle into a new life that’s so different from the one they’ve known. We’ll see how that pans out as the semester progresses.

Well one thing led to another and before you know it, I’m sitting in my room at 11:10 p.m. and the day has gone. I did get a glimpse of the moon tonight though and it’s absolutely stunning. It actually looks like a complete wheel of cheese. I could picture a man living in there whose name was Aiken Drum (and he played upon a ladle of course). Serene observations aside, I still have one more reading I want to conquer before calling it a night. Here’s to burning that midnight oil!


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