Day 18: Embracing the dark side

I think it may be time to face the facts: it’s time to trade in my Vaio for a shiny new Macbook. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but I’m leaning strongly towards that big fat Apple. My current laptop is just giving me way too much trouble, and even though it’s going to cost a fortune, I think it’ll be a pretty good investment. From what I hear, it’s not as temperamental and the battery life puts this little Vaio to shame.

Free advertising for Apple aside, today was one of those long days that just won’t end. I’m starting to dread Thursdays. Not only is it 8:30 a.m. Chinese class, but getting through my reporting class is like trying to run while underwater. I don’t know what it is exactly. I think I like the subject matter, and the assignments aren’t too horrible. We had a librarian come in to give us research tips, so you’d think it wouldn’t be too painful (I’ve endured worse.), and yet I found myself wondering if the clock was broken in that room. Note to self: bring snacks next time. Maybe that will make it more bearable.

At least I had swimming to look forward to. That is definitely the highlight of my Thursday. Nothing like some good hard I.M. at the end of a tedious day. Bring on the endorphins!

Even with the exercise high though, I’m a little bummed today. I don’t think I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday with my friends this year. Everyone’s schedules just aren’t working out. I had the best idea for it too! Inspired by my wonderful visit home last weekend, I wanted to go to the Fairmont with my friends for afternoon tea and be British ladies of high society. We were going to cast sidelong glances at each other, stick out our pinkies as we sipped our tea and pooh-poohed the common ne’er-do-wells. But alas I think that will have to be put on hold at least until February and maybe even later because the times just don’t work out for everyone. So not ideal!

Ah well, I suppose turning 20 isn’t the big one anyway. If anything, I guess I’ll save it for next year when I usher in the year of 21. I’ll just enjoy my free Wednesday, revelling in the fact that I have no school on my birthday.


One thought on “Day 18: Embracing the dark side

  1. We should go to high tea one day as well! We all know that the dark side = fun side hehehe. Maybe you will then fully embrace the Mac lifestyle and switch to the iPhone.

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