Day 23: Birthday Eve gives way to Birthday!

My birthday’s here! As of 43 minutes ago, the birthday celebrations officially began, starting with Emily – first one out of the gate with a great big Facebook birthday wish. Then I got an ambush from Lindsay and Natalie who came to give me their presents because they couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Where’s that willpower, guys? Oh what a shame, I guess I’ll just have to open presents!

I think this present deserves a picture.

It's the Flash and Green Lantern! But thanks to "The Big Bang Theory," I shall always see them as little Sheldons dressed up for Comic-con.

I also got a call all the way from Hong Kong from my mom, complete with some heartfelt crooning of “Happy Birthday.” Then it was the attack of social media, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, and a great big shout out on WordPress from Rach (阿ve-2/). And I’ve just discovered I have snail mail to look forward to tomorrow from Em! Say what you will about Canada Post, but it still makes my day to find something in my mailbox (aside from the usual “Dear Maclean’s Reader, Thank you for reading Maclean’s! You are a valued reader of our wonderful magazine. Now we’re going to hike the prices. Love, Maclean’s”)

I guess technically Day 23 was supposed to be about Birthday Eve, but the rest of the day really pales in comparison to the whole hour and seven minutes it’s been my birthday. Here’s a recap, the Cole’s Notes version:

  • I had classes.
  • Dessert for dinner is awesome! (Thanks to my C4C discipleship group, a.k.a DG, we had a dessert potluck to just hang out and de-stress from schoolwork before midterms come up.)
  • Swimming was great, minus that little treat of a foot cramp at the end.

Now I think I’ll partake in some sheer madness and go to bed without thoroughly reading the rest of the news. Clearly I know how to party and live on the edge. I’ll catch up with it later. For now, my comfy bed beckons! More to come when I wake up to enjoy the rest of my BIRTHDAY!

Goodbye, teenage years. I’ve officially been kicking around on this planet for two decades!

One more thing worth mentioning: My birthday eve card from my mom was absolutely hilarious! It’s one of those talking cards and usually I find them annoying but this one was great. It says, “Hey you with the birthday, stay away from me okay? Stay away from me! You’ve got punch, you’ve got brownies! Isn’t that enough? I don’t deserve to be offered up like a common treat. CAKE IS FOR LOOKING, NOT EATING!” And when you close it, it says, “Keep the pretzels! Eat the cookies! Keep your grubby paws off my frosting!” I laughed for about five minutes when I opened it. It’s definitely the best card ever!

I think this is the cutest cake I've ever seen.
There's possibly something a little morbid about this ... but I LOVE IT!

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