Day 26: The awesomeness continues

Here I thought updating in the middle of the day would mean I could go through the rest of the day in an uneventful manner and so bypass this whole business of typing late at night, but there’s just too much to tell.

I did do work after all that rejoicing I did in the afternoon, but it was short-lived. At 3 p.m., I had Point Group with Jasmine and Emily (Just a refresher: Point Group is like Bible study from Celebration! Church. We recently split into two smaller groups since the original group grew to about nine people.) We got into some really good discussions and it was the first time all three of us were together at the meeting since winter semester started.

By the time we finished, it as about 5:30 p.m. (like I said, the discussion was just really intense and made me think. We’re studying 1 Timothy 2 and some of it is pretty controversial.) We hung around in Jasmine’s room for a few hours and boxed. That’s right. We boxed. Jasmine started taking boxing classes and Emily’s been boxing for a while so they were practicing in Jasmine’s kitchen, and then they taught me a few punches. It was actually a lot of fun! There’s something so satisfying about punching someone with big poofy gloves.

By 7:30 p.m., we headed out to have dinner in the Glebe (a little neighbourhood just south of downtown) at an Indian restaurant called The Taj Mahal in the Glebe. It’s all terribly authentic. The food was great! We filled up on three different types of chicken (tiki masala, butter and dhansa), and lots of delicious rice and naan. It was so filling! I could barely move afterwards. It was such a nice day (only -7 degrees) so we walked back to school in the snow.

How it turned into midnight so quickly I’ll never know, but tomorrow I really need to buckle down and get some serious work done. There’s a slight chance I might be going sledding with some friends tomorrow night, but schoolwork must be done! For now I think it’s back to my usual late night scramble: news and bed. I’ll deal with the rest of it in the morning.


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