Day 27: Feeling old

As promised, I dedicated today in its entirety to work. I’m completely drained! After a quick stop by the gym in the morning to get some energy for a full day of thinking profound thoughts, I buckled down and began to tackle the mountain of schoolwork awaiting me.

I even turned down a trip to Bank Street with Kitty, Sam and Natalie. They went to Truffle Treasures where they sell this amazing hot chocolate that is a lot like drinking a chocolate fondue, and they went to Serious Cheese, which as predicted, sells cheese. That’s self-discipline for you. After about an hour and a half, I noticed productivity in my room was starting to dwindle, so I figured a change of pace was needed.

I took the bus to a nearby Starbucks (though apparently not near enough if I still had to take a bus). I vowed not to leave until I finished my politics essay, which I did … three hours later. I think that was what sucked away all my energy – the essay. I suppose it’s a good feeling to know that it’s out of the way, but I’ve barely made a dent in my readings.

It’s that time of semester when all my courses seem to kick it up a notch all at the same time. Midterms are coming up in two weeks, and every day is starting to feel like two while each week feels like mere days. It’s all very disconcerting, to see deadlines barrelling towards me without showing any signs of slowing. I’m not ready! If only I could say everyone else was sharing my struggle, but alas it seems my friends have no problem frittering away the night hours with TV and scraping up A’s by day.

If there was ever a time to “add oil,” now would be it.


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