Day 28: So this is the day of rest

Here go the last few hours of the weekend. I went to the Met this morning with Natalie, and then to Celebration! with Jasmine at 5 p.m. It’s interesting that both sermons were about praying, not just talking to God but also tuning into what He’s saying to us. Sometimes I wish I had a God frequency on the radio, or to step up my analogies and get with the times, life would be so much easier if God had Twitter or Facebook. It just seems like a surer way of knowing God’s listening and didn’t hang a Gone Fishing sign on those pearly gates.

Thank goodness for the Bible. I think the biggest change I’ve made in my routine is my No Bible No Breakfast rule. It’s just a good reminder to check in with God right at the start of every day. I like those times. It makes me feel more prepared to take on whatever life has to throw at me today.

I spent the afternoon working away, though in retrospect it doesn’t seem like I’ve gotten a lot done. Jasmine and I ended up walking to church from school. It took about 45 minutes, and all because of some miscommunication by text. I was knocking on her door to leave for church, but she was already at the bus stop. So I missed the bus and she got off so we could catch the next one together. But of course it was the Sunday bus schedule today, which means all buses are 30 minute apart. We just started walking in the -20 degree weather, plodding along from bus stop to bus stop until we realized we had walked all the way to church.

It’s nice to be back at Celebration! Church. I haven’t been there since last semester so it’s nice to catch up with everyone. When we returned to school, it turns out Res Idol was tonight (It’s exactly what you think it is. American Idol but for res dwellers.) so a bunch of us went to support a friend who was performing later. I was actually impressed by how well some people sing (and play piano accompaniment). It made me feel grossly untalented, though I did discover our school has a glee club. Who’d’a thunk? Then again, who doesn’t have a glee club nowadays?

Before I knew it, it was 10 p.m. Sleepy face seems to be taking over early today. For now, I’m hoping to squeeze in another reading or so, but I think I might have to call it a night soon and succumb to sleepy face. My bed looks so comfy.


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