Day 32: 新年好! (Happy New Year)

Well break out the firecrackers and whip up your dumplings because it’s Chinese New Year (I suppose it should be Lunar New Year, but I’m going to go with Chinese as a little shout-out to my family in Hong Kong).

I actually thought today was going to be a lot more difficult than it turned out to be. It’s Kitty’s birthday today so she was really excited. Natalie and Lindsay came over at midnight last night to celebrate. Unfortunately I couldn’t join in because I was busy curling up in the fetal position after I got this stabbing pain in my side for some unknown reason. Even now, I don’t know what was wrong, but I’m feeling better now, which means I can just forget it ever happened and this can all just … blow away!

I gave Kitty her present: a whole set of Tokidoki eyeliner, and a box of seashell chocolates that she loves (it was kind of funny how much chocolate and cake she got for her birthday).

We went to Chinese class, where laoshi brought in a whole bunch of Chinese candies (including those White Rabbit candies that I used to eat as a kid!), tiny little tangerines and something that resembled a huge rice krispie bar. I don’t think I’m a particularly big fan of those … treats, but it was still fun to try it all. We watched a movie on Chinese New Year celebrations while munching on our goodies. It was a class well spent.

After class, I got this giant chocolate muffin as a “birthday cake” for Kitty. She may be able to bake crazy Cookie Monster cakes, but I prefer to do my baking the old fashioned way – buying it from a mass-producer.

Journalism class went relatively well today too! We didn’t have any tests, but we did get to watch a painful interview on Sky News where this poor news lady had to interview George Gallaway. It was pretty funny, but I would not want to be that Sky News lady. We were using her as the perfect example of how not to conduct an interview. As a model of a good interview, we listened to a CBC interview with a rural trucker who was attacked by a beaver. Ah, journalism at its finest.

It’s nice to emerge alive and well from the dreaded Thursday. Dare I hope all Thursdays will be this bearable for the rest of the semester? We’ll see.

On another note, student government campaigning has started. There are dozens of candidates all crowded in the tunnels handing out pamphlets flashing unwavering smiles. That’s always fun. It’s only just starting, so people are still taking time to stand around and talk to the candidates about their platforms. By the end, just you wait, people will be plugging in those iPods, hoods pulled up and staring at the floor as they power-walk their way out of there! Ah, you gotta love democracy.


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